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Jan 21, 2018 at 8:08 PM
Jan 14, 2013
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Here you have to know who's inside to get in.
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The moments that define you have already happened., Male, from Here you have to know who's inside to get in.

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Jan 21, 2018 at 8:08 PM
    1. JonesjS
      hi, lex! I know you are a busy person so I don't want to bother you :)

      In my country get an income of 1k per month will be enough to start a relatively small business.
      All I can offer is write and maybe web development.

      I will not able to get people on calls and I notice that you are doing it all the time, so do you think I will be getting enough value to get that amount of money (with little clients)?
    2. CopyDane
      Hey there! I stumbled upon a post by you from december 2016 in golden thread about blogging, in which you state that "It began after I started working with a client who asked me to help her deal with a specific problem (copywriting related)."

      Can you tell me more about that specific problem? I'm from Denmark, so I won't be a competitor to you.

      I hope it's not too much to ask for - thanks in advance!
    3. Argue
      Hey lex, stupid question but how long have you been writing copy? You're really great at your craft.
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      2. SinisterLex
        A little over 2 years I think.
        Mar 23, 2017
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    4. FreedomforEarl
      Because of Fastlane I contacted the person I use to Buy Stingray Skins from in Chennai , now I am about to get another product from him, but will need to get a Permit to ship here, I just wanted to say thanks for the Motivation . I also uploaded OfferUp and placed some items on there. I am trying to get out of my comfort Zone. I have been selling on ebay for 18 years and I want to step my game up.
    5. Shamrox
      Bro, just to thank you for your post about ODESK. I read the entire thread today and watched as my world melted away, only to reveal a much brighter and better world behind it.

      I can already see the changes it has made in my life, because in my mind's eye, those changes have already happened.
    6. UnrealCreative
      Hey, Wanted to ask about your iNLP certification.

      Was it worth taking for the certificate itself?
      I've already taken AndrewNC's practitioner training and have some NLP under my belt,
      but am considering the certification.

      Based on your experience, what is your client's reaction to the certification? Is it...

      "Wow, you have a certificate in NLP. Cool"
      "WTF is this" and gloss over it?

    7. Azure
      Sup bro teach me teh © skillz l337 style
    8. Baymax
      Hey Lex! I was using Google to search you up because you seem pretty popular on the forum. I think I found your Youtube channel? And I saw a cool video of a lego piece. I was wondering if you're still doing Lego art? If this message doesn't relate to you at all, sorry for bothering you! I just thought it was cool.
    9. WRamsey
      SinisterLex, you're the man. I appreciate all the effort you put into teaching others your craft. Super informative posts that are an inspiration to me. I know you probably get questions like this all the time BUT- if you could recommend one or two of your favorite books to sharpen copywriting skills, that would be amazing. Best wishes.
      1. Jamiethion, anurag and SinisterLex like this.
      2. SinisterLex
        WRamsey, I don't use books to sharpen my copy skills. I read Ca$hvertising and Breakthrough Advertising (and maybe Scientific Advertising) for foundations in Copywriting. My ability to write what the market wants is just that. I focus on what an audience wants and learn their style, then give them what they want. More often I learn as I go and improve based on audience feedback.
        Oct 9, 2016
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    10. GuestUser155
      Appreciate the rep and all of the informative posts.
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    11. tripleyeti
      Hey, Sinister. Your posts mean a lot to me and I'm putting your advice into practice. I made a blog as some accountability to keep me going. I spent a couple paragraphs talking about you. Thought I'd let you know you're the star of my first blog post. It's copyalex.com if you want to check it out.
      1. SinisterLex likes this.
    12. kkompoti
      nice new photo! very good content!
      1. SinisterLex likes this.
    13. arfadugus
      Hey Lex I was reading your post about freelancing on Odesk using copy writing skills and I decided to look more into it. Did you learn any specific skills before hand or did you just start writing by just using the "YOU" Principle? Trying to find out how to learn how to copy write fast and effective so I can get on to actually doing it. Any books that will show me how?
    14. Chi
      Hey Lex , Just discovered your posts and i like what you're doing . Is the fastlane insider worth it?
      1. #nowhere likes this.
      2. SinisterLex
        Apr 17, 2016
    15. TheShrike
      Good stuff Lex, thanks for keeping the forum interesting.
      1. SinisterLex likes this.
    16. T-K
      Hi sir! I am new to this community and your threads but I can say that they are like gold mines. Thanks for sharing the information. And I have a question if it's not too much, I am foreigner and never been to any country that speaks English as native, so I'm not fluent. What would you suggest for someone like me? Where should I start?
      1. SinisterLex
        Hi T-K,

        Where to start depends on what you want to do. Where are you at on your journey? If you need to start making money to pursue a Fastlane business, then there are a number of threads to help you do that. Even writing can be a path for you. Non-English countries still have copywriters.
        Feb 23, 2016
      2. T-K
        Sorry sir I didn't make myself clear. I wanna get into the copywriting. I am already a freelancer in my country but this market in my country isn't very alive. People tend to work with agencies mostly. So what should I do? Would your 15 days challenge be enough to get started?
        Feb 24, 2016
    17. Phillip Chambers
      Phillip Chambers
      Hey Lex,

      Your post on freelancing for Upwork--previously Odesk-- was inspiring. I came across it in March and took action that day, making $30 transcribing a couple business meetings, and knew I was hooked. Thank-you for that gift.

      My question, do you find a difference in creativity when writing in a public space ie starbucks as compared to isolation?
      1. SinisterLex
        I write first thing in the morning in total isolation if at all possible to avoid all noise and distraction. This is also when my mind is sharpest.
        Nov 24, 2015
    18. Mr.Optimistic
      Hey Lex,

      Thank you for the reply! I've just joined the subscriber list for your course.
      I Just wanted to tell you that there is a typo on your first 'thank you' page. "god" instead of "goods"
      It may affect your credibility. I'm looking forward to the course Lex.
      1. SinisterLex likes this.
      2. SinisterLex
        Great catch! I set the mailing system up months ago, and haven't had time to carefully comb over it. Thanks for letting me know.
        Oct 24, 2015
    19. Austin Sarwar
      Austin Sarwar
      Hey I was wondering what is the best way to go about learning copy the gary halbert challenge? I have no money and I'm in some debt I really have no skills besides being able to type at a decent speed so I figure copy would be a good ave to get some revenue.
    20. BackOnTrack
      Hi Lex

      I just spotted an intriguing post of yours on the "biggest lie you believed most of your life' thread. You mentioned your was the avoidance of death.

      You went on to reference an insurance policy you had bought for $34 a month.

      Would you be able to PM me with some more details as this looks fascinating!

      Thank you for your time.

    21. Wisith
      Hey Lex,

      I just joined the forum a couple of days ago. I ran into your thread and it was a breath of fresh air. I read most of it from my mobile. This forum is a bit different than what I'm used to, and can't find the feature to PM you. I hope I'm not soliciting, but would definitely love to chat more about copyrighting. Prior to joining this board, it was an area I'm totally unaware of.

      Thanks much,

      1. SinisterLex likes this.
    22. HungryB
      Hey Lex,
      I have just finished writing my first sales letter and your posts helped me a great deal. Would you be willing to critic my copy (about 2000 words). I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Brian
    23. Jack Turner
      Jack Turner
      Hey Lex, I'd like to thank you for pointing me towards Odesk, it's perfect for me right now as I need money to live/build a business. Really, its what I needed to find and I will make it work. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
    24. ThunderbirdMike
      Really enjoyed reading your long-ass thread on making $1000 / week just starting out on Odesk.

      I've been doing spotty freelance for the last year, always poo-pooing the idea of going on Odesk, b/c I thought it was more for bargain-basement type freelancers.

      Not so! You've proven me wrong with an excellent case study.

      Thanks, Lex!
    25. Empire
      No worries....I just found your site on your profile. Gonna check it out later today. Really cool news. Good to see you are kicking butt.
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