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  1. Robin Andrews

    SEO implications of 301 Redirects

    My site at Compucademy was chugging along OK with it's SEO, but then it got blocked on FaceBook. I also felt it was not focused on quite the audience I wanted, so I decided to remake the site on a new domain: Compucademy - Python Programming and Computer Science Education . The new site contains...
  2. Robin Andrews

    Facebook has Wrongly Blocked my URL - How Should I Respond?

    My website domain has been blocked due to a mistake where I posted the same article multiple times trying to get the image crop right. My FB business page, Compucademy, is also blocked from sharing content, presumably because it is associated with my website domain. I've spent a lot of time...
  3. Robin Andrews

    Second Opinion on Business Niche - Computing Education

    A while back I had some coaching and my mentor reckoned that "GCSE and A Level Computer Science" was a viable niche to build a business in. Now this was a guy I respect, but it must be said that he was charging a high rate and didn't seem interested in putting any time or effort beyond the...
  4. Robin Andrews

    Does a Search Volume of 2,900 Represent a Scalable Business Niche?

    According to "SE Ranking" 2,900 people a month are searching for "gcse computer science ". Is it worth going there if making money is a priority for me? Especially considering many of those searches will be by teachers, whose average budget in UK schools for CS education is close to zero...
  5. Robin Andrews

    Computer Science GCSE Plug-and-Play

    How about this for a product name: Computer Science GCSE Plug-and-Play for a collection of video tutorials, quizzes and written resources to get kids through GCSE Computer Science, which is still only offered by about 50% of UK schools in spite of being such an important skill for the modern...
  6. Robin Andrews

    Audience Dilemma

    Thanks for the ideas.
  7. Robin Andrews

    Audience Dilemma

    My mailing list has been stuck at a very low number for a while now, and in some ways I'm not surprised.. There seems to be a problem with my niche and I can't yet see how to resolve it. My niche is "GCSE and A Level Computer Science," which are UK exams taken at 16 and 18 respectively. Both...
  8. Robin Andrews

    Methodology Name

    Any ideas for names for a learning/teaching methodology for Computer Science and Python programming from a business called "Compucademy"? The Compucademy Learning Methodology? The Compucademy Method? The 5 step Compucademy Mega-Awesome Pedagogical Ecstasy Program? Something better....?
  9. Robin Andrews

    Quiz Lead Magnet on WordPress Site

    Does anyone know how to set up a quiz using WordPress and Mailchimp so that prospects take the quiz and get their results when they sign up please? Or Some other tool to achieve the same goal? I've got a pop-up on my site offering access to a quiz made with LearnDash here: Blog - Compucademy...
  10. Robin Andrews

    INTRO Can't post in Advertising, Marketing, Social Media

    Hi, I'm posting here as I don't know where else to ask: why can't I post in Advertising, Marketing, Social Media? Screen shot below. Only the "attach files" button works, the rest do nothing.
  11. Robin Andrews

    EXECUTION How long before I see Progress?

    About 75,000 students. Possibly 5-10% looking for additional support beyond what their school offers. About 4,000 teachers, with 500 additional each year. Unknown what % want additional resources - Maybe 10%? So altogether, maybe 6,000 customers? This is with my current focus of UK based...
  12. Robin Andrews

    EXECUTION How long before I see Progress?

    I've been working seriously for about 4 months on my business, which is in the Computer Science education space. Apart from probably tangentially helping me to land a bit of work by providing authority in the eyes of prospective clients, I have yet to see much tangible progress. I have written...
  13. Robin Andrews

    It's already been done and it's free!

    The Raspberry Pi foundation is fantastic, but their level of fantasticness is worrying - they offer free online courses which really don't suck, as well as lots of other really good free resources. I hear what people are saying about standing out, but I want to get a sense of whether there...
  14. Robin Andrews

    It's already been done and it's free!

    So I was planning on making really engaging and fun projects for school kids to learn programming, but it turns out these already exist for free. Like here: These are really good resources for "Code Clubs" which are run for free by...

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