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Account Manager at LiftCertain, an identity resolution platform dedicated to helping clients turn their website visitors into qualified sales leads. When you are able to do that, you can hyper-target your sales & marketing efforts on a level never available before. It allows you to grow your B2B pipelines in a much more efficient way and it prioritizes your outbound efforts of calling, emailing and content outreach.

Our solution identifies prospects, by name, in the B2B Buyer's Journey and only target prospects that are actively researching and considering a purchase of what you sell. We are not in the business of building software, we're in the business of enabling profitable sales for our clients. Our software is just how we do it.

Want to talk to us about it or see a demo? Reach out to us here on LinkedIn, email me at, or visit us at
Jul 7, 1986 (Age: 36)
Sahuarita AZ
Your Expertise
E-Business: Marketing / SEO
Account Manager



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