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  • Hey, I noticed your message and I'd be willing to help you out, but honestly I know nothing about the different software types out there for that. You might try posting a new thread on the forum though. Good luck!
    I thought I had a millionaireattitude until now. I have operated in the Slowlane for several years without knowing it, and hoping that one day it will happen. Having made little sums in my local currency and wondered why I lost it all within a very short space of time, I often wondered if there was something wrong with me. Yes! I discovered something has been truly wrong with me. I was operating on the wrong road and hoping to get it right soon. But as time passed I kept discovering myself further away from my dreams. Reading the Fastlane book, a revolution has just begun in my life. I am here to learn from fastlane millionaires and give any little I believe can help the community grow bigger and better.
    I am a currency trader and web programmer, as well as a writer. I am sure you will know me better with time.
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