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  1. kurtyordy

    HOT TOPIC The Big Collapse

    ok, that makes sense. So to say it a different way, the potential even you are describing above with the HKD would mean the HKD would lose value vs the dollar. Is that correct?
  2. kurtyordy

    HOT TOPIC The Big Collapse

    I know you are not advising this as a course of action to take, but if one was inclined and wanted to play this in forex, what you describe there is achieved by buying usd/hkd? correct?
  3. kurtyordy

    GOLD! Hello from Denver - self publishing success

    Thanks. If anyone is stuck mentally, this site can help break some blocks creatively- Plot Scenario Generator
  4. kurtyordy

    GOLD! Hello from Denver - self publishing success

    Any thoughts on whether the gender of the audiance targeted should have any impact on the gender of the pen name? I would love to see the tool as well if you are still willing to share. Thanks
  5. kurtyordy

    Trade Shows

    In my experience: 1. be prepared to not only take wholesale orders but sell to retail customers as well. Bob from the next booth over may not have a means to purchase for resale but he may love it and want it for himself personally. 2. have a bowl of pretzels or something on your booth...
  6. kurtyordy

    O/T: FUNNY LOL this post from RK is funny

    According to him, just about every business and investment is a ponzi scheme except for MLM. Too funny
  7. kurtyordy

    HOT TOPIC 15 Year Old's Story about Importing From China

    Home now, chrome brought it up but still awful load times. Some plugin or ad server, is where chrome got hung up. Never did complete the load.
  8. kurtyordy

    HOT TOPIC 15 Year Old's Story about Importing From China

    fyi will, the article that the op originally posted will not load for me. I can get your homepage to load, but when I go to the import article either directly from the link here or from the link on your homepage, all I get is a blank page that takes way too long to load.
  9. kurtyordy

    HOT TOPIC My lucrative stock market investment with little capital

    I can tell you from experience that more than likely you will trade differently when you get to 25k than you do at 1k. I took 2300 into 50k+ in about 6 years, so your goals are not unrealistic. But my trading changed dramatically when I got up that high. I is one thing to piss away 2300. I...
  10. kurtyordy

    PARENTS: Best way to store/save/invest money for children??

    I have let my kids' money sit in a saving acount up until now. My son turns 9 this month. We are currently filling out the pwork to open a scottrade account to allow him to start investing in stocks with the money in his savings account. Not sure this is the correct way to approach it, but I...
  11. kurtyordy

    Starting a new service business

    There are a few national commercial cleaning contractors, so those who say it cannot be fastlane are ill informed. between junk and commercial cleaning I would opt for the cleaning. you can get repeat revenue, contracts and build to passivity.
  12. kurtyordy

    Job Loss ideas [Some Great Ideas for Generating Cash When Needed]

    Trying to help a few guys who are currently unemployed or underemployed due to the current economy. What I am looking for is some service type businesses that can be built off more effort than skill if that makes sense. Two ideas I had are driveway sealcoating and junk removal. Looking for...
  13. kurtyordy

    The Emotions of Being a Trader

    I thought some of you might find this interesting. It is a three part series about 8 people taken from novice to trading at trading desk levels. It does not get into any of the thinking behind investing but does highlight the emotions very well. Part 1 Million Dollar Traders (Full Series 1 of...
  14. kurtyordy

    OFF-TOPIC Rich Dad Poor Dad Bankrupt?

    Thought you guys would find this interesting- Rich Dad, Poor Dad now a bankrupt dad: Best-selling author files for corporate bankruptcy after losing $24m judgement | Mail Online
  15. kurtyordy

    Start up brainstorm (outside the box thinking exercise)

    I was thinking along those lines as well. if they list the biz where you say it should be listed, then you will buy after 90 days. I have worked with a number of biz brokers in the past. 100% were arrogant and required multiple calls to get a call back. fixing that right there would attract...
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