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    NOTABLE! Your Entrepreneurial "Come to Jesus" Moment? (FTE!)

    Mine came about two years ago, when I had been in my "dream job" as a software developer for a little over two years. I was making good money, great benefits, owned a house, cars, my life reflected the kind of life I had been raised to think was the ideal. I went on a vacation with my wife and...
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    What's something you do EVERY day for your motivation/mindset?

    I work. I know that sounds like a BS macho answer, but it's true. I used to spend time trying to motivate myself by visualizing my future, freedom from my job, freedom to have the life and things I desire. Going "window shopping" online for beach homes and cool cars. But at the end of the day...
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    How to battle 3-5pm

    I find physical activity is a huge help. I work 7-4 in my day job writing code, then I come home and work another four or five hours developing my business on the computer. It's madness if I try and do it for twelve straight hours, so I walk during my lunch at noon, and I hit the gym around 4...
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    You might be a Sidewalker when...

    Ha! I enjoy watching football, but I think it violates the entrepreneurial mindset to have such a fanatical devotion to the skills of a couple dozen strangers. Talk about living vicariously.
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    Focusing on focus

    I find that for me, it's less about trying to stay focused (which for me is akin to saying "DON'T think about the color blue!), and more about preparing an environment that's conducive to working. Eliminating distractions is key. For me, there are two elements to that. The first is...
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    The 10 Things Successful People Live By Before They Make It

    The energy one is huge. I just finished a 12-week weightlifting routine. I took two weeks off before starting a new routine. I was excited about the prospect of having an extra two hours each night to work on my business. The reality was quite different. I'd get home at 4:30, feeling burned out...
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    New to the Forum - I went from Fastlane to Slowlane

    Congratulations on taking action, and also on identifying what hasn't worked for you in the past, good luck!
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    Startup Genome Project - An interesting read for entrepreneurs

    Startup Genome - Our mission is to amplify the power of entrepreneurs. With the Startup Genome Project we want to do for startups what Pandora did for Music in order to understand how innovation happens at a fundamental level and the spread the knowl I did a forum search for this and was...
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    Is it just me or is the fastlane road really THAT lonely?

    The people who are doubters now are likely the ones who will write you off as "lucky" when you succeed. They are incapable of being supportive.
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    GOLD! Sorry, But the Forum Can't Make Your Life Decisions For You!!

    I think often times people who are considering taking a big risk want a more experienced or successful person to tell them they're making the right choice so that the risk will feel safe. But if you refuse to step outside your comfort zone and walk the wire without a net, you'll never realize...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Is this how I should start my website?

    Ah, I understand now. You're not looking for advice. You just want to show us you're willing to try and put a square peg in a round hole, regardless of how misguided the attempt might be. Determination is one thing; stubbornness is another.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Is this how I should start my website?

    I agree with previous posters. You're taking a very cavalier attitude towards costs here, which is easy to do when you're playing with other people's money. "Why not?" Because 70k is a pretty large gamble, better to play a few hands first and see how you do before raising the stakes. More...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Check out my new start-up. Any feedback would be appreciated

    You misunderstood me. I'm talking about linking up your OWN thoughts to your Facebook feed, similarly to how you can link up Twitter so that all your tweets are automatically posted to your Facebook feed. Since the thoughts are meant to be anonymous, this is probably a bad idea.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Check out my new start-up. Any feedback would be appreciated

    I liked this aspect; I was able to dive in and start commenting without going through some lengthy registration process. Seems like there are added benefits to registering, but it's not required, and that's cool. I think that this is one case where Facebook integration is a BAD idea. The...

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