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    WEB/DIGITAL What are you using for Analytics?

    Google Analytics and Nielson ratings. I hate Nielson, overpriced ($700 or so a month) and does little more than Google does. I would say all you need is Analytics, unless you have large amounts of traffic and want the advertising agencies dollars.
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    Is there any illegality in this?

    There is a least one guy driving around in a lambo that is doing/did this, so there is money to be made :eusa_clap:
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    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    Carrie what is your strategy? And what timeframes are you using? I trade mainly of the Daily. I've got a bad habit of checking trades hourly even though I know once they are set I should not check and adjust my rules (except when moving SL to breakeven)
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    HOT TOPIC The Active Forex Traders Discussion

    Carrie I am on a bit of a down streak. I have changed up my strategy and this is having an effect. But long term I think it will be worth it. Its jsut a matter of perfecting it. I used to use plenty of indicators and now I am sticking to pure price action, reading candlesticks...
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    FAILURE When to call it quits?

    The most important thing I taught myself in currency trading was to cut losses early. I think the same can be said in business. If you've given it your absolute best, and its not succeeding, move onto something else.
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    OFF-TOPIC 2 Awesome Cars

    16 years of driving experience :)
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    Hi from a new member from New Zealand

    Web advertising. I stay away from the technical side of things, and focus more on squeezing the money out of sites.
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    Hi from New Zealand

    Hi Karen. Im an Aucklander, moved here from Wellington in Jan, but a Palmy guy at heart :seeya:
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    OFF-TOPIC Gambling

    Never been into it - too tight with my money. I'm into Forex however, which is a mild form of gambling I guess. I'm watching my account now fluctuating between a $100 profit and $50 loss all morning. Rise dammit!
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    OFF-TOPIC Bank Error Puts Millions Into Man's Account

    He applied for a $100,000 overdraft - and got $10,000,000. He then transferred it out in installments to offshore banks then fled to China. It was a bank error that he knowingly profited from. If it was right to charge him with theft is anyone's guess :huh2:
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    Hi from a new member from New Zealand

    Welcome. Theres a few kiwis here - I am an Aucklander also into web businesses.
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    OFF-TOPIC So I'm turning 20 in two days....

    I would say move. I've felt this a few times, and each time I moved cities and it is certainly refreshing. I'm content where I am now (Auckland, New Zealand) however I have only been here 4 or 5 months. I moved out of home at 18 and that was a great choice - in with some very extroverted people...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Trying to get the big guy's attention

    Send it through and I'll see if I can give feedback. I wouldn't say I have an in, but im in the action sports industry so keep a close eye on what Nike do.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Trying to get the big guy's attention

    They may not pay you for the idea, but you can angle the idea so that you benefit financially from them implementing it. For example if you own a Football website, and have a Video of The Day section, you may propose Nike sponsors this in return for naming rights, branding, banner adverts. They...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Trying to get the big guy's attention

    I'd say it would be rather hard. I spend a good portion of each day coming up with campaigns and selling the idea to large companies, including Nike. Nikes tough. For me to get Nike to spend money on my idea in New Zealand - I would contact New Zealands Nike media agency and propose the...

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