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  1. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    Since I got much needed effort, I'm going to move this to a progress thread today, expect more updates!
  2. FreeBy23

    I feel overwhelmed...

    I have to agree with @Maxboost on this one, if you have an idea, make a rough foundation, set a vague path, and execute it. The worst that can happen is you fail, learn from it, and do it again but better. Failure isn't just an option, it's pretty common and it's okay. Don't concern yourself so...
  3. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    Follow-up with the advice given: I went out and knocked on doors, I got 3 definitive not interested, 2 "it sounds interesting, mind if I get your information?" and 1 "I'm really interested but I know some people that work for me that could definitely use it too. Email me and we'll talk" and...
  4. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    Step 1: Buy a book Step 2: Go door knocking Step 3-73:???? Step 4: Profit
  5. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    @ZCP I meant more if I would go out and buy it or get an audiobook or prime it. No local places had it so it's on prime order. @Coalission I'll give it a look for sure, much appreciated.
  6. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    @jon.a May I speak to the LADY of the house? /s but I do appreciate the input and I'll do what I can to give it a go. @ZCP I'll see if it's in a library and it not, maybe I'll prime it. Thanks!
  7. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    Holy wow fast replies, I'll definitely take them into consideration. I think your suggestion @jon.a might not work so well because unfortunately we don't actually talk with the neighbors short of maybe one or two but I'll try to get those in. We're here courtesy of the slow lane and saving up so...
  8. FreeBy23

    Marketing a service based company

    Hi all, I told myself I would get out and DO STUFF last night but instead I ended up bucketing 200 gallons of water out of the basement, hooray. My company is focused on providing services to business and individuals on a fee basis. I'm fortunate enough to live with my family still in a fairly...
  9. FreeBy23

    INTRO More kindling to the fire

    Normally I'd say "but I don't know what to chose!" but one is an internet based autonomous service which would yield lots of little amounts or the one I'm really driven towards which is a business/service offering which would be easy to scale but would be lower volume and higher money per...
  10. FreeBy23

    Dealing with daily pressure of sales being 50% down

    As long as you're working, adjusting, and adapting as best you can, that's all you can do. If you don't even believe in it, how can anyone else? Champion your cause, make it count, market it like it's your livelihood and like going back to working a 9-5 isn't an option. Maybe bring in an expert...
  11. FreeBy23

    feeling Guilty

    Full disclosure: this is just my opinion from my personal experience but everyone is different. I would say unless you're close friends with coworkers and will continue after you leave, don't care what they have to say our guilt you for. For family and loved ones though? Set aside some time for...
  12. FreeBy23

    INTRO Hello...

    One of the things to think about if you're continuing with apparel is "what value does this create" and that's above and beyond just not being naked. One of my favorite recent ones is Russian Ties, it's meant to be a play on the recent political climate but it adds value with comedy or...
  13. FreeBy23

    INTRO More kindling to the fire

    Part 2: More information, maybe some motivation, and posting a follow up so I don't clutter the forums. What made me make an account here? I just finished TMF last week and 2 days later found out I'm making over 30k less than anyone else I work with, F*ck that. When they hired me I got a line...
  14. FreeBy23

    INTRO Teenager checking in!

    Dropshipping is an alright idea in some cases but you do have to be careful. Some niches are much more saturated than others and will yield low margins for the effort so be sure to do your research. I personally haven't done it but if I have any advice it's to provide stellar customer service...
  15. FreeBy23

    NOTABLE! Finding motivation when you have a 9-5

    I'm going to paraphrase from the 2 books this forum focuses a lot on. 1) If you're too tired to do anything about it, you don't want it enough. Or 2) You haven't REALLY said F*ck this and meant it. You can either save up a cushion and leave and do it full time or like @MJ DeMarco said, get...

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