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    WEB/DIGITAL Building a Multi-Million Dollar Business with No Funding

    Some great advice i picked up in the article: 1. look at the mistakes as opportunities. I’m not afraid to take on anything or try different marketing ideas. 2. Follow your passion and dream big. 3. Don't leave great products or ideas, give it a try 4. doubt and questioning help build a...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Current website, how to monetize it?

    sell product related to whatever niche your website traffic draws.
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    OFF-TOPIC this forum

    ^ya, and it's the fun part talking about stuff like this. Napoleon hill's book states that desire is the beginning of success. Day dreaming is 100x better than having no dreams at all.
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    New driver says hello.

    Welcome. I give free website help for fastlane members only. just pm me.
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    Would you be frugal if you were a billionaire?

    Rich people buy big houses, cars and jewelry. Wealthy people buy companies and businesses. I want to be more like the latter
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    Pirate Bay Down After police Raids

    it's working right now. raid must have failed.
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    WEB/DIGITAL Advice for Driving Traffic?

    a few suggestions: Ads (adwords) article marketing facebook email list youtube viral video etc
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    WEB/DIGITAL Kansas Woman Makes Money Selling Tumbleweeds

    funny story but if think about it, people will buy anything. it's not really the product, its the emotions of owning a product you're selling.
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    Would you be frugal if you were a billionaire?

    Read an article on yahoo finance about tips from frugal billionaires 1. Keep Your Home Simple 2. Use Self-Powered or Public Transportation 3. Buy Your Clothes off the Rack 4. Keep your...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Top 10 Books that influenced you in Start-Up/Entrepreneurship?

    Re: Top 10 Books that influenced you in Start-Up/Entrepreneurship ^i think the 4-hour workweek was made for lazy people who don't want to put in a lot of effort to become successful. Entertaining nonetheless My Top 5 1.) RDPD - first mainstream 'get rich' book i touched 2.) Think and Grow...
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    HOT TOPIC Millionaires...Could they do it twice?

    Super successful people have incredible persistence. That's what separates them from normal people. They are not afraid to fail. One super successful person I have been learning about is Dan Pena. He lost everything and rose from the grave 4 times. It wasn't luck. He just refused to fail.
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    HOT TOPIC Broke? Try Ebay...

    I've always told people who asked what's the quickest way to make money online is to sell stuff on ebay. Women have an advantage for pre-owned clothing cause they are very patient in thrift stores.
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    WEB/DIGITAL WP or Market Samurai problem

    Most likely the location of the image is not right in your html code.
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    OFF-TOPIC ADHD is a hidden gift for entrepreneurs

    It can be a two edged sword. According to a book I read, from good to great, great leaders are "hedghogs." that means he sticks to doing 1 thing does it over and over and just sticking with that for years till it's perfected example: Reagan when he was president was all about ending communism...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Any Front-End Web Developers?

    I can help you free for simple website troubleshooting or design concerns. If it's a big project we can work something out. PM me the details.
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