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    the 1st 5 people you call when you make your first million(s)?

    i heard an attonery at a seminar ask, who are the first 5 people you call when you make your millions? he didnt give the anwser but instead talked about the mistakes some make when coming into that type of money. he mentioned people first stop is the RR dealership or mercedes dealership...
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    O/T: FUNNY Clemens confesses!

    hey yankees338, how do you feel about the current red sox nation thing and young stienbrener (messed up his name, oops)? espn is really getting a kick out of it.
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    OFF-TOPIC what 2.7 million dollars worth of advertisments can get you...

    Re: what 2.7 million dollars worth of advertisments can get you.. i think these companies didnt miss that 2.7 mil. they know the double digit millions of people are gonna watch and become inspired to take action towards their product that will produce many times more than the initial...
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    How to Win Friends and Influence People

    thanks alot. i've always thought this was a great book!!! timeless!
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    great and not so great products in recent times

    Hey guys, Lets think of products in recent times that made an impact society or was so overhyped and eventually became a dud. it would be interesting to get everybody's perspective on the products, their insight, what they would have done different, so on and so forth. i think it can be a...
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    I know nothing about stock trading. Where do I start?

    well since no one responded and it's been 4 days, i'd advise you to hold off and get some information first. find some one who's doing what you want to do (successfully) and make a trade with them. offer to clean their office part time or what ever service ya'll agree on while learning from...
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    GOLD! Do You Have A Successful Entrepreneurial Premise?

    MJ, awesome post! i once heard some say, "you will be remembered for 2 things, the problems you solved or the problems you create!" i agree with you one hundred percent!!! great reminder!!!
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    NOTABLE! Dead-End Sh*t Jobs ... Yours?

    here my "leveraged" resume - never got to use that BS degree janitor (the works, cleaning it all. dealing with the people's demands and their i'm better than you attitudes. embarrasing one: a degreed engineer cleaning toilets) help desk tech (they love you when their computer works and cant...
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    integrity, in the world of sharks???

    integrity, how do you feel about in the world of business? needed, end justify the means, not that important? chime in with your opinion. fyi - a great documentary dealing with the subject is "the corporation"
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    HOT TOPIC Why be rich?

    i think it's been said already in so many words, the choice of FREEDOM over false security (job). i dont have a problem with people loving their job. i just wish they would know what they are up against putting in those long 40 hours/40 years. i find it amazing that people our parents age are...
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    tax question for diane k.

    thanks for your response diane! will do!
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    tax question for diane k.

    diane, lets say i gained a large lump some of money (lets say 20 million) from a vehicle (stocks, sale of a business, however...). i paid the taxes on that money. then i choose to put a large portion of it in to a trust for a friend. how would the friend (trustee) be taxed on the money placed...
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    OFF-TOPIC Why isn't money taught in schools?

    didn't some one have a famous quote, "it takes a 6th grade education to be rich and calculus to be broke!" i think buffet said it, i could be wrong. i saw some comments about bashing schools. i'm for education. i think it's necessary(especally the basics). information applied is the...
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    OFF-TOPIC Why isn't money taught in schools?

    i personnally believe schools didnt teach money because schools were creating and grooming future employers. all i ever heard in school was you can be a... instead of you can start your own business. dreaming wasn't encouraged. getting that job was more realistic. you have the old phrase "A"...
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    OFF-TOPIC Appreciation!!

    I just want to take a moment to thank MJ for this site!:thankyousign: and thanks to all the contributors to the site. there is tons of information and wisdom here. lets keep it going!!! :thumbsup:
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