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    O/T: HEALTH Gym is counter-productive to work. Or is it?

    Humans are fascinating animals because we have the most capability to learn from one another, and yet we continually refuse to do so. Many people have tried the things you have done. Do you think the scientists who say the majority of us need 7 hours of sleep are just making it up? Do you not...
  2. Delmania

    O/T: HEALTH Gym is counter-productive to work. Or is it?

    There's a reason I said 99% and not 100%. There is a portion of the population ~1% who are known as short sleepers, who do only need 4 to 6 hours of sleep. They wake up feeling fully rested and are naturally energetic. I'd theorize the majority of people on that list are short sleepers. The...
  3. Delmania

    O/T: HEALTH Gym is counter-productive to work. Or is it?

    Stop with the shitty broscience. The vast majority of humans, as in 99% of us, need at least 7 hours of sleep to feel rested and to be productive. To think otherwise is to delude yourself. Proper sleep is perhaps one of the most precious gifts we can give ourselves, regardless of where we...
  4. Delmania

    HOT TOPIC Fastlane or Unscripted? Which first?

    To channel this forum a bit, stop asking us to do things for you. If you have a Kindle, you can get samples. I think you can still get the first 3 chapters of both books. However, where are you? Are you interested in knowing why becoming an entrepreneur is a good idea, or are you looking for...
  5. Delmania

    INTRO Violinist seeks fastlane

    Well I was going to respond to your other post, but make sure you do some research into marketing and selling. :) In my field, software development, I know a lot of people who have solid technical skills and are excellent programmers, but they have no idea on how to present their ideas, and so...
  6. Delmania

    HOT TOPIC Fastlane or Unscripted? Which first?

    Funny, I was just about to post a question regarding the relationship between the 2 books. I think it depends on where the person is. If the person is happy with the 9 to 5 lifestyle, then neither (although I would slip that person a copy of Your Money or Your Life). If the person is...
  7. Delmania

    Learn how to Blockchain

    What exactly are you trying to learn? Are you trying to learn how to create a blockchain technology like a cryptocurrency, or do you want to learn to use a blockchain ala something like Ethereum? For many people, cryptocurrencies and blockchains are interchangeable, but they are distinct...
  8. Delmania


    Just finished the first read a few minutes ago. Thanks for writing this MJ, definitely something I'll be reading and reviewing again, just like TMF.
  9. Delmania

    INTRO Violinist seeks fastlane

    I've always found real world examples a useful to understand core concepts. In this case, when I read you were a violinist looking to become an entrepreneur, I was reminded of a young woman I listen to on Spotify who, like you, is a violinist. How I head about her music was because Spotify...
  10. Delmania

    Don't undervalue exercise

    You don't even need to use this. When you have your health, you have everything; exercise is crucial to maintaining health. I've been following the Starting Strength program, personally. It's tough because I also practice intermittent fasting, which gets in the way of the eating requirements...
  11. Delmania

    Do you guys feel sick in the stomach when you've to fork out money for product creation?

    Do I feel bad when I spend $149 for a license to IntelliJ? Nope. It's a great tool that helps me build software. Do I feel bad when I spend $30 a month on a subscription to PluralSight? Nope. I've learned a lot of new skills from that site that I can employ. It's not product creation, but...
  12. Delmania

    HOT TOPIC Join Our Skype Project

    I'd like to join this, if it's still open.
  13. Delmania

    Most Psychological Research is BS.

    I could write up a summary of this, but I think the article is succinct enough: Most Psychology Research Is BS – Jason Hreha – Medium Key takeaway: There's a bit of context here. If you're familiar with the book Thinking, Fast and Slow, you know of the concept of social priming. It's been...
  14. Delmania

    OFF-TOPIC Are We Living in a Simulation?

    In reality you merely think you make decisions. By the time you consciously make it, your brain has already decided. Various neuro scientists have connected devices to people and presented them with choices, and discovered that the brain starts firing signals a few seconds before the person...
  15. Delmania

    OFF-TOPIC Are We Living in a Simulation?

    No, we didn't; computers have been around for hundreds of years. To answer the question at hand, I think a bit of this is projection. At its fundamental level, the universe a massive Turing machine. That means at any given moment, the universe has a given state that will be transformed into...
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