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    Don't sleep on giving value for free

    This seems to be an increasingly common way of thinking in the entrepreneurial communities. As a marketing consultant I love it because it has increased the amount of people needing my services to the point where I am booked out pretty far into next year. Yes, solve a problem and then give...
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    OFF-TOPIC They want to amend the IL constitution to eAT tHE rICH

    This is the future of America if leftest take and maintain control. They firmly believe that wealthy people are evil and the source of their problems.
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    HOT TOPIC What High paid Skill is worth learning in 2020?

    Marketing and sales. You will never lack money if you become good at both marketing and sales.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    @LittleWolfie something Id like to point out... Good copy isnt everything. If you have a great offer and target the right people, you can still make sales even with bad copy. Don't get discouraged because you aren't currently a good copywriter.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    If want to hire someone but lack funds you could also propose profit sharing for x-number of months. Instead of paying them upfront they get a percent of profit, or some other deal, for a length of time. Some copywriters, especially newer ones, will agree to that.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    This! To add on to copyabe's point, everytime you state something you believe to be a benefit ask yourself after, "so what?" Why should your prospect care. They only care about your product if it benefits them. "Whats in it for me?" Your copy must answer that question because that is the...
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    I know plenty of successful entrepreneurs who cant write copy. That said, I believe knowing how to influence people and sell is a great skills for entrepreneurs to have but its not exactly a prerequisite.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    Selling the solution to their problems. Did you read the book recommendations I gave to you a few days ago?
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    Asking All Creators Who Want an Easier and Faster Way to Write Compelling Headlines (Like Me!)

    Very well said. Ive tried all sorts of headline generators and even some long form copy generators and pretty much all of them sucked. My process? Pen, legal pad, coffee, my head, and a wall to beat it against (every copywriter has been there...)
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    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (November 2019)

    Do you want to instantly double, even TRIPLE, the effectiveness of your emails? Finally... A proven plan reveals the hidden secret to making a ton of money with your emails! Want to improve the deliverability? The open rate? The conversion rate? If so then you are going to be ecstatic after...
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    Wow, $25,000 in a day

    You would be amazed :P
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    Other fantastic financial books?

    Maybe "How to win friends and influence people" would be a good start. :)
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    "It isn’t how much you know that matters. What matters is how much access you have to what other people know. It isn’t just how intelligent your team members are; it is how much of that intelligence you can draw out and put to use."
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    Dan Peña wants you to be successful ...

    First time I seen him on video I was worried about his blood pressure! :P

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