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  1. Bobo

    2012 Beer & Pancakes

    I think I decided for certain toa ttend like... Thursday morning so I swung by Phoenix on my way back from LA. I've been up to my a$$ in the slowlane the last few years making a lot of money for the guys who sold the company I work for. Out of that deal I made... nothing. Except my job got...
  2. Bobo

    I got TERMINATED from my job yesterday...planning Entrepreneur.

    Fastlane thinking is tough - requires nutrients hitting your brain and that means food which costs money... unless there is a nice nest egg to lean on I would advocate some job 9-5 and then 5-9 at night is time to build your fastlane business. But I am currently feeling like a speedbump in the...
  3. Bobo

    What mobile phone do you use?

    I got my baby girl the Evo 4g (Sprint) and Jill the new 4G evo with sliding keyboard recently. I'm still on BBerry Tour - I carry an Ipad for Iapps and a phone for.... phone shit. I still maintain that Iphone should be called "Shitphone that rocks at all oher tasks" ...but that's me and...
  4. Bobo

    Ethics Dilemma ...... Help ?

    I may be ethically challenged but I have a different take on this. Take the $500, get it fixed for $140 and put the other $360 into your repair fund. No, I am not saying screw the insurance company, I am saying don't give away your time on this. What is your time worth? If I am...
  5. Bobo

    Why 401k's are evil...

    I do mine differently. I get a certain percentage matched dollar for dollar so I contribute that percentage thinking that buying for half off and holding it longterm is probably not awful. I also have no plans of touching that money for several years so I direct it to some pretty lame, boring...
  6. Bobo

    Website Legal Protection (resource inquiry)

    You are thinking too hard. Find one on another site and re-purpose it. Also, let's think about where you want this website to be hosted from. The FTC seems likely to receive an executive order to start regulating the web. They can do all sorts of neat stuff to ruin your day if the...
  7. Bobo

    Help us choose a slogan!

    "Shit happens, let it happen to someone else" "Do you really wanna wait for FEMA?" "There may not be a boy scout around to eat, be prepared"
  8. Bobo

    Dating.....Fastlane style!!

    LOL.... For all the doubters. I first knew Jill as 'Jill109' on Matchmaker... 13 years ago. To Yves' point it is better to NOT have a 'personals' section on a forum, if people meet there great but lol, Jill and I left a lot of folks on Matchmaker once we 'retired' and had no reason to go...
  9. Bobo

    Money.....What good is it...?

    Oh Cat I am surprised At you. Those who mistakenly say money has no value just dont have persepctive, with money yoi\u gain choices. Whether you spend it on another investment, a charitable endeavor a ministry - whatever. The value of money is that it buys you choices. If you choose to...
  10. Bobo

    Money Can't Buy Happiness!

    Andy - How can I make u happy?
  11. Bobo

    Need advice...

    Cat - she's stubborn but I am pretty persistent and very manipulative. I pointed out that if we hit the ten year 'Get in or get out' deadline and she chose 'out'... well she would have to learn how to operate a lot of complex machinery, vacuum, stove, lawnmower, washer/dryer. We're talking...
  12. Bobo

    Need advice...

    Hatts... Step back a minute, so for every 100 mailings you are getting 4 solid leads and 4 tire kickers? Damn, that's great. Every week you add 4 rows to your spreadsheet with the sellers current 'floor' and notes about them. OK, so maybe they said no today, I seem to recall asking...
  13. Bobo

    Proudly Made in the USA.

    Rereading... wow do I get creatively cranky when the right buttons get pushed
  14. Bobo

    Chase closed all my credit cards today

    Yeah they are fun to deal with. We ran some up last year and when you pay them down to free up space, what happens? They cut your limit as punishment. This isn't only the bank's fault from what I understand, the rules they have to follow make good, performing loans 'hurt' their viability in...
  15. Bobo

    How do you cope when you're down?

    Queue Mary Poppins Soundtrack: Botox and hair dye and pants barely fittin'... Whiskers on ear lobes you gots to be shittin! Wrinkles and crows feet and nose hairs that spring these are a few of my fayyyy-vo-rit things.... When the joints hurt, When the sight goes, When I'm feelin...

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