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    There's a benefit to some people being turkers, obviously it's not really a long term solution but might be handy for someone stuck at home to make some cash. Or maybe kids. It's the other side of the fence that could have some more value to fastlaners... You've got an army of cheap, on demand...
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    EXECUTION Launched Supp. Company, now how to market?

    Figure out the specific niches where your supplement solves someones problem and adds value - ie, people suffering with stress, anxiety - and build yourself a landing page that explains how your product is going to help someone overcome their stress or anxiety quickly, easily and how their life...
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    INVESTING HOT! I won 30k. What to do?

    1: Open self-directed trading TFSA 2: Stick however much you're comfortable gambling with into the HMMJ pot stock ETF, or split over one or two of the mid-larger cap weed stocks (see /r/weedstocks subreddit for good source of news/info) 3: Go away for 5-6 months and hold - forget it is there 4...
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    E-commerce Strategy: Store driven, or story driven?

    I'd go story-driven for what you're describing. It'll work well for most things in fact. Illustrate how you can solve someones problem. Have a read of this case study, it'll help you a lot IMHO: Ecommerce Advertising | Facebook, Google, Instagram, Pinterest
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    HOT! How to get 1 cent clicks on Facebook

    At the end of all of this, as I've been trying to bash into people at work there's only 2 metrics that really ever matter - your CPC and your EPC (earnings per click). To a great extent, you have more control over your EPC via the price of your item, optimising your customer value/order value...
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    Coming up with a web design agency name

    The only advice i'd give you, is if you're going to speak to people on the phone/field phone inquiries - make sure you pick a name that is easy to clearly pronounce, that you don't have to spell out. That gets old quite fast ;)
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    What would you do (Have patent, want to sell license)

    Yes, you can target people who are employed by specific companies. just type the company name in the box as you would a set of 'likes' and if there's an audience available the grey text in the right-side of the audience dropdown will say 'employers' as opposed to 'interested in'. You could also...
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    Is customer service that hard?

    Here's a flip-side story to yours, on how it should be done. So i'm looking for a dewalt drill set, i find one super cheap on home depot website. $137, marked clearance, from $470-odd. I order it. I post it to redflagdeals here in Canada. By morning, people have piled in, and the web page is...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Setting Up a Web Page with Call Options (Like Adult Sites)

    Try googling for something like "set up premium rate phone number" (which i think is actually what you're asking). You're probably looking for services like: Tama Communications or similar. I'm sure with a bit of googling and fishing around adult sites you can...
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    Ad/Artwork design

    Have a look at canva - - it's a pretty slick online image editing/creation tool aimed at images for social media use. No learning curve relative to Photoshop. I know our social media team at work has moved to use canva for all their stuff with some nice quality results. Means any of...
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    Digital Ebooks & KPI Metrics... nobody talks about

    The money is never really on the front-end, it's on the backend. Hence the ability to pay out huge % commissions on front-end product sales to affiliates, JV partners etc. For most of the big products on clickbank, the product owner is going to pretty much look to break even on the front...
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    HOT! Best way to target on Facebook ads?

    Have you tried using the FB audience insight tool? Although again you can't just plug in a specific fb page you don't admin, you can change the demo and interests - then look at the 'page likes' tab for similar categories, pages liked etc with an affinity score [higher affinity the better]. Give...
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    RANT Why I hate the podcast trend and watching Youtube

    LOL having seen quite a shocking lack of knowledge on the part of the agency hipsters slash social media ninjas, I'd agree that they most likely know more about making coffee or at least ordering it! ;) if I could bullshit people in meetings like those guys, I'd own an agency... I mainly use...
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    Gambling Gone Right?!

    ahh maybe it was betfair not bluesquare. Anyway one or other.
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    Gambling Gone Right?!

    You'll have to google it, I'm at work ;) I'm just going from memory of seeing commercials for I think it was bluesquare, where essentially you could make your own book and lay bets - essentially being the bookie. I'd take a guess and say that mostly it was around sporting events and financial...
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