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May 18, 2020
Hello everyone, after a few years of lurking I finally decided to join, here's my intro.

I am a 30 years old male from France.
I used to be a professional poker player.
I loved it, it was fun and profitable for a while, but it became a grind over the years and my love for it disappeared.

So I decided to turn to entrepreneurship.

I've read @MJ DeMarco books, The Millionaire Fastlane opened my eyes to what is possible and Unscripted helped me tremendously with the process mindset.
Thanks for your work MJ, it really had a positive impact on my life.

I always have been good with computers which helped me decide to go the software route.
I started to learn to code in 2015, it took me longer than I expected to be comfortable with my skills.
(Thanks to impostor syndrome, action faking for sure, and two motorcycle accidents (hit by a drunk driver, then hit by a dude looking at his cellphone)
A thread I saw here is right.. DUMP THE BIKE !

I recently saw the two great posts made by @GrayCode on his software journey, his story and @csalvato advices motivated me to keep going, I want to thank them both for this.

What I am currently doing:

- Looking for a remote dev job to pay the bills & help with my side projects.
- Started freelancing, got my first clients and built an app for them. @Lex DeVille and @Fox have amazing posts about freelancing if you are interested.
- Building a SaaS, really close to MVP and I will launch soon. I might make a progress/execution thread about it to give back to this amazing forum.

I joined the forum to connect with other unscripted entrepreneurs so if you have questions, don't hesitate !

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