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This shit is hard, but I love it. What are your stories?

Tim Allen Jr.

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Jul 6, 2017
This shit is hard, but I love it.

Living the fastlane lifestyle or any variation is a world-wind of emotions. From complete agony to complete joy, sometimes in a very short time span.

Just wanted to say a couple things that has been on my mind, and post stories that’ll help people push through and help realize the amount of focus is needed to succeed.

- This shit is hard, really hard, but it gets easier. You really gotta put in work, work that sometimes that sucks. I’m helping someone right now build something, two times that some boring work has come up, they’ve stopped. Its behind the stuff scenes no one ever thinks about that you have to do to survive and thrive. This shit isn’t glamorous is… until it is. Those highs, those moment where you can see a path and start making the right moves, and start seeing your returns, those are the moments that are drug you chase.

- It’s easier than you think. There are literally millions and millions of businesses/people making money and thriving doing it a million different ways. One of my favorite things to do while driving on road trip is when I see a business, google them and see what they do. You start to realize there are millions of doing it their way, and that gives you hope. If that many people can do it, you can do it too, just gotta grind and push through and grind till you hit it.

I’m going to post a couple stories where I had to push through during a set back and come out the other one, hoping others post some of their stories to help people pus through.

- In the course of 3 days, lost a significant chunk of my business due to lack of quality control. Of course I went through the normal emotions, but through a lot of frustration realized a lot of important things that I forgot and opportunities (this came from a post here about digging deeper, can't remember it though) . Fast forward a little bit, made that money back along with with some solid 100x opportunities.

- Another time, I left an opportunity out there which a competitor seized, cost me a solid chunk of revenue. Helped me realize the importance of understating how may other people are there grinding, be on watch constantly.

You will face battles and challenges, hopefully people will post some of theirs to help you push through.
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