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The journey so far

Discussion in 'Hustles, Freelancing, Bootstrapping' started by kkompoti, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. kkompoti

    kkompoti Bronze Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    A little bit about me : Country boy 32 yo. Married . 2 daughters. One Cat. 2 cars. 1 motorbike. Farm enthusiast…

    It all started almost one year ago when a person I know told me : do you know of a guy that would like to buy a 85 sq.m. house inside a ¾ of an acre land plot? It is like the small house in the prairie he said...

    That guy turned out to be me.

    I met with the owners at the first time in September . A 71 yo and a 62yo , brothers that were selling the family house their father had built in 1980. These two live in different places and away from the city I live in. They also do not speak to each other.

    The deal was made. 58.000 euro for the house. It is considered a real deal and the house is in a very good condition. Had it checked three times before buying it. The area is also a good one. Normal houses built in the same era and after have an asking price of 150-160.000 euro here. The low price was due to the need for it to be sold due to lots of debts from the owners.2000 euro where given upfront.

    I had at the time 3000 euro I think. Started doing the paperwork needed. 4500 was the cost of the paperwork. I run everything on my own going from one office to another to get all the documents and licences needed. Also I was talking to the phone with the owners that started pushing me: why are we so late?we are going to sell the house to a different person….and even : I have to fix my teeth.where is my money?

    Then I showed at the bank and asked for the loan. Collected the needed paperwork, their employee came for inspection , had already been preapproved for the loan due to my excellent credit status and my good income.

    The guy turns at me and tells me that I cannot approve of a loan at the price I wanted because it is an old house. Lost my temper there but that is a different story.

    From the start I knew I did not have the money and I could just have wasted my cash if they said I was too late or if the bank did not approve me a loan. I started going to family members and friends and people I have a good relationship with and started asking for money . I got 3500 from an aunt of my wife. (I pay 350euro each month to her), 1800 euro from a friend(I pay 300 each month to him), and 3800 from 4 different persons that I speak occasionally. This was the most difficult thing I have done in my life. As Andy Black says I spent a lot for coffee and gas . I must have talked to around 30 different persons and asked them for money. They all came back with a negative answer and most of the times with a really silly excuse….

    This was also the time where I realized a lot about my friends.

    After having everything ready for the final signatures there was tax and notitiary that had to be paid. 3000 euro went there.

    December : Final signatures . The house is mine. Did the running around ended? No.

    Ended up getting a home loan for 40.000 euro , a personal loan for 17000 euro. The personal loan went to the above people that loaned me and to the previous owners.

    Started the dream. You see in my country owning a house is the n.1 thing you must do in your lifetime.

    Now I must renovate the house. There is me, my wife my 2 daughters and our cat. I live in a rented apartment. For the moment I pay the above two loans and the rent every month.

    I have asked around for pricing of everything that is needed for the house and I went once again to the bank to ask for a renovation loan. Again due to my good credit status I hope I will have no problem with that.

    During this time and due to lots and lots of anxiety I started smoking again. I kick myself for that every day.

    My goal from the start was to live there and start a small farm project on the land plot. Grow stuff and sell them at the farmers market.

    I have my bees and my hens that are going to be moved there before the end of April.( as a side gig I sell honey and eggs at the farmers market) I have also made arrangements for 2 pigglets, so that I will see what raising and selling a pig is.(affordable or not? Needs space? Stuff like that..). I will also set up a 200sq.m. greenhouse for lettuce.

    The point I wanted to express through my post today is that it is a struggle to get things done. It is difficult . The point is not to give up , the point is to find in you the power to overcome your fears(asking a lot of people I know of for money for a house was by far the most difficult thing I have done.) .Also bees , hens , pigs and lettuce are things I had no idea about. I educated myself through books and with some networking with people from the farmers market. Nobody in my family had anything to do with farms..

    My dream of Farming my way to the Fastlane is on its way and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

    p.s. The above is why I have been away from the forum for some time now.
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  2. jon.a

    jon.a Legendary Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane I've Read UNSCRIPTED FASTLANE INSIDER Speedway Pass LEGENDARY CONTRIBUTOR

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    Sep 29, 2012
    Near San Diego
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    Oh, the Greek with Bees is back :)
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  3. Late Bloomer

    Late Bloomer Gold Contributor Read Millionaire Fastlane Speedway Pass

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    Apr 17, 2018
    Rep Bank:
    Congratulations on defining your dream so well, and finding a way to make it happen!

    How's it going to develop a business model for the farm? I believe that farming CAN be a Fastlane business! The nature of the work makes it unlikely to be automated to oblivion, or outsourced if you have something that's better food because it's fresh and local! I've seen some very interesting books and articles by people who have agricultural specialty businesses, such as organic produce, growing somewhat exotic plants like mints, ingenious approaches to dealing with the animals, and being one of the first pot growers where it's just been legalized. I don't have the specific titles or authors in mind right now, but I could dig them up again (no pun intended) if this would be useful for you.

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