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The Alexa Economy

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Mar 3, 2013
It looks like writing Alexa Skills might become a thing.

What Amazon Alexa pays the people building its skills

"In May, he got an email from Amazon telling him to expect a check in the mail as part of a new program that pays cash to makers of popular skills. That first month, Amazon sent him $2,000. It got better from there. He's received checks for $9,000 over each of the past three months, he said"

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Paul Schuyler

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Aug 7, 2016
The Woodlands, TX
This is not a good idea in my view unless it drives traffic outside of their Network. You're building tools for powerful AI's controlled by any of these major companies (in this case Amazon) to further enhance their business. You're working for what amounts to a stipend or worse under unpredictable terms. I'm guessing Amazon keeps the IP for these tools but even if they don't they control the platform, data and customer access. They also benefit from the network effect. A major case of using your time to build someone else's Control, because we're heading into an age where these algorithms will drive most business.

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