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Pleased to meet you

Ramon Barrera

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Apr 11, 2018
My name is Ramon Barrera. Im from Chile. 27 years old.
I want to help you in some way and enjoy your company.

Sorry if I bother you. This is something I wrote time ago and havent the chance to share. I felt now it would be a good time. It is a thanks to my masters.

Also sorry for my english. It was written in spanish, google translator done the work.

As a child I remember my wings with love. Nothing mattered, just flying. Far beyond the clouds. The world was too small for me, the landscape blurred away as I flied, doubts and fear did not reach me and I just flew.

A moving picture. The engine of childhood’s happiness is just like a clock.

The desolation that causes education. Growing up as judgment and I was the only judge. Back in reality there goes gravity, so we hide behind the logic and take it as our only truth.

You arrived as if by magic, relaxing me and eradicating the nostalgia. You made me strong, a giant, you dragged me forward but you already killed my tender soul, you forged me with more strength, you forced me to be alert. Today I come to tell you that I will no longer protect you.

Now I’m the loser, it’s time to suffer and understand that everything comes down to our fear of dying. My childhood became extinguish and now it lies inert, colorless. A reflection of what it was and a dark omen of things to come.


I'm here to make my clocks tick again.

I know well that here you are, I will no longer be your disguise, I do not know what the F*ck you will do, you will see, but today I leave you behind.

I still have doubts if my intuition failed or it was only the fear that stopped me but I do not have my wings anymore. I will not stay behind or stop anymore.

Too many bullets to dodge them all. But you'll see, without a vest and with iron boots, walking forward, away from the silence, injured but alive.

Too much time alone, too much darkness to move. This is why just acts and makes the impossible true.

We're FREE!

Back to earth, goes through the street again, straight head, warrior's face. I turn around and I only see lazy men, who stoned the newcomers who works.

The years made me an atheist but here is a secret I still believe in hold standing and learning from what I see. Nobody stops me now. I am my worst enemy. My hell is inside me and not with me.

Amigo life does not give you problems, they are opportunities to improve and overcome adversities. You have great power, just love yourself, you can achieve anything by striving.

I feel grateful for all the things that made this moment possible.



Thank you all =)
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