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Pitching a concept of software product to a large company

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Jamie Cahill

Feb 23, 2017
Hi all,

Thank you to everyone who contribute to this forum. Since reading TMF, I have been a passive observer of peoples progress and it really is such a great resource for everyone.
Having started to set sail in new directions, I would really appreciate some advice on my current predicament regarding an idea that Ive been working on.

I have been consulting to a large multi national corporation in Europe for this past year. Taking a leap from being previously an employee of a similar company to a consultant was a huge leap for me.... until I read TMF and Unscripted.

I have since brought together a concept for a software tool that can be utilized to solve a major isssues in cost management within the area I have worked for years.
My connections within this corporation go right to Board level which has come through hard work in delivering time and time again. The concept is a product of spending years working in this area and I feel equipped to kick it out of the park.

Only thing is.... I am unsure about how far I can take this pitch without having a prototype and how to know when is the right time to consider investing in resources that can help build. My forte is Chemical Engineering, Management, and Business strategy and I dont have the time or the interest to learn to build software. Im considering outsourcing a demo build as some initial offline discussions with Head of Ventures, Business Technology and also VP of Global project investment love the concept.

Im afraid that presenting a concept / idea could trigger a decision by the company to internally resource this as a project themselves....
Obviously I really want to offer this as a software tool that can be integrated into their existing management systems.

The recent leaps in sharing this has injected motivation and enthusiasm into my efforts to keep developing my concept.
Can anyone recommend a book or even some advice on this place of uncertainty.

To give a high level view on cost risk to build prototype, I would need approx to invest 10-20K Euro to build a first pass demo. The upside potential is unlimited..... unlimited in industry application, scalable to small, medium and large business, and can very easily demonstrate massive efficiencies and win wins for potential customers.
Im actually really a fan of this as it brings huge value to customers and is somewhat a therapeutic experience for me.... in being the solution that resolves all the pain that i once experienced in my work.

Any recommendations, suggestions or instincts very welcome.
Thank you to all who have read this far and look forward to your feedback.

Best Wishes,

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