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i am new here but here's my story... i'm 56 yrs old. i currently work in the healthcare industry (hospital) as a senior IT tech. i jumped over from the hospitality industry (hotels & resorts - IT manager) b/c of job stress. the healthcare business is less stress but still on a clock. i have an IT skill set but not much in the coding dept. i work with a lot of medical systems and devices - i have this weird inclination to try to come up with an innovative product for the hospital but that's where i get stuck. don't get me wrong, i loke (combination of love and like - lol) my job and i make a decent hourly wage but after reading MFL - THANK YOU VERY MUCH MJ!!, i have a much different outlook on my job and life. i have been doing the 401k, trying to save, blah blah blah - i now realize that i need to do something else to overcome my situation. my first start is reading books and changing my behavior - (not watching tv, trying to be productive, etc...) i now am thinking about trying to do what MJ has done. surround myself with the like people, keep reading books, learning from MJ and the internet, really thinking about how to get ahead - my mind is racing but i cannot seem to put my finger on a solution - and i know that hard work is in the mix too and i am not afraid of that. i want to try to tell you all about an idea but then i read MJ's book again, and i will need to reach more that just my neighborhood in order to be successful like MJ and his gang.
i recently just got a dog - Golden Retriever - he poops a lot - something that's a natural occurrence and all dog lovers know and dread this - i think - my idea is to create a service to go to people's houses and offer to pick up their dogs poop at a small price (shit, i'm doing this everyday anyway) the service will use the customers trash bags, trash, hose - but if i have to provide those things, the price will rise a little bit - i will only need a shovel and maybe some surgical gloves (which i can get at work) i will offer to pick up the poop, hose down the sh**stains and even try to find an organic scent to try to cover the smell. i can offer a weekly charge or 2x/3x a week - again, at a little more cost. it may seem like a horrible, smelly job but hey, i do it at my house and i was thinking of just first starting in my neighborhood but then try to expand with a website, advertising, etc... on the website, i will try to make it clear that it is NOT a removal service (but we can always use that as a tool too) and there will be guidelines set for the customer's responsibility for what i offer - ie: using their stuff!! just a thought but when i was thinking about it, there's really no overhead and to tell you the truth, if someone came to my door asking to do this so i wouldn't have to, i would probably pay them to do it. i will need to go over how much to charge, extra's and the such, and i will need some sort of transportation - dog poop is never ending and that's why i am trying to capitalize on something that will always be an issue for dog owners - i really do need to try to supplement my income and still think along the MJ lines of being successful. someone please critique this and get back to me.