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My experience at the pool that gave me more insight into how the slowlane & society operates.

Anything related to matters of the mind


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Mar 19, 2018
First of all, I'm not writing this to make me feel good about myself nor to abuse my friends(sort of) that accompanied me on this particular day few weeks ago,but drive a POINT through.Here we go....
So one of my friends(sort of again) called me telling me that he's ready to go for practice and to get better at swimming and that I should help him out.Few weeks prior to this day,we chatted and he told me how he needed to get better at it.So I agreed.Feeling optimistic,he invites more friends of his.
This certain pool is divided into 3 sections,the 4ft,10ft and 15ft sections(This represents ROADMAPS,BUSINESS AREAS,ENVIRONMENTS,COMFORT ZONES,e.t.c all in one).
After swimming in the 4ft section for a while, I tell my friend that we need to advance.After practicing for like only 3mins in the 10ft section, he tells me he CAN'T anymore,that he doesn't have what it takes,that it's too deep,"what of if I drown?" he tells me, "I look stupid doing this" he screams.(These frivolous excuses represents OBSTACLES and FRUSTRATIONS we may face along our journey).I tell him we can't get better at something if we don't make a commitment at it and keep trying no matter what.
To make matters WORSE,here comes "Mr Pool Instructor"(represents SOCIETY and those trying to stop us from moving ahead and taking risks),telling us that we shouldn't dare to swim in the 10ft and 15ft sections,that we should always stay at the "SAFE" 4ft zone,that that's where every other person is swimming in(WTF????).
Being a stubborn lad that I am, I defied the pool instructor's instructions,going into the 10ft section,even as far as almost getting to the 15ft section.BAM!!!!,I'm caught,he screams and threatens me,telling me to go back or GET OUT!!(for real?).The whole pool area goes quiet,everyone staring at me like as if I was an alien or something.
I grudgingly go back to the 4ft section, but after 2mins or so there, I tell my friends that I can't take it anymore and that we can't get better like that,staying in our "COMFORT ZONES",trapped against our will to improve,and so I left,in search of a "BETTER POOL".
Our "ENVIRONMENTS" might not be "CHICAGO" as it was for MJ in the Millionaire Fastlane ,it might be that addictive online gaming site,friends that love to get high everytime(yeah,I had some of these),that video game,that slowlane business that paralyzes your actions,that location you are,or even that girl you have a crush on but has nothing positive to talk about except how bad her boyfriend treats her(sorry bro,you are in the friend zone, get the heck out!!) and a gazillion other paralyzing environments.
I believe we all should identity these "ENVIRONMENTS" and remove them from our lives or even make them better(in a positive way) if we can.
MY POINT:If a certain "ENVIRONMENT" or "POOL" paralyzes your goals, potential and actions,FIND ANOTHER GODDAMN POOL!!! that provides value,forces you into action and brings better opportunities.
I hope you take this to heart.Thanks for reading this.
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