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Missing a sense of urgency - need a way to light my a$$ on fire.

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Still in the ashes...
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Aug 7, 2018
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I’ve finally decided what I was going to do to bring value in this world and started working on my product as of the 1st of April this year. Initially, my objective was to get a rough draft of the course finished by the 31st of May this did not happen as I am maybe only half way through it. When I am not traveling I work on it every morning for about 1 hour but while on trips which is now 50% off time I get caught up on things and usually am too tired or do not to wake up early enough to do any work and to be honest its cause I have little discipline and usually out drinking which always screws my mornings.

As anyone else faced this situation? What can be done to simulate the situation of burning the bridges as I can’t truly burn the bridges as of yet as I am financially responsible for my family. I’ve tried the carrot approach by buying myself a new laptop which I desperately need as the one I am using is lagging at everything I do with the agreement that I wouldn’t even open it until I completed the entire rough draft of my course but that doesn’t seem to do it either as its now been sitting in my office unopened for the past month.

Back in 2008, I found myself in a situation where I was jobless and with bills piling up, I couldn’t sleep or if I did I would wake up in the middle of the night in cold sweat with the fear of the bad man coming to get me. Until one night I woke up again in cold sweat but I decided that I wasn’t going to accept this anymore. I ended up moving back with my parents which was quite humbling when you are 27 to save money. Dedicated every day to crafting my job posting and interview skills until I finally landed a job which is still the same company that I currently work for and moved up nicely inside the organization and now I am sitting on a nice cozy job.

Advice to anyone here that doesn’t have any family and has the possibility to choose between taking another job or start your Fastlane lifestyle, give the Fastlane lifestyle without thinking twice a shot you will only gain from it... When you are in your mid 30’s have children and a wife to support things get a lot more complicated.

As anyone been in that situation and could you share any advice on how did you manage to put urgency into moving to the Fastlane without compromising your family life?

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Andy Daniels

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May 29, 2017
I have little discipline and usually out drinking which always screws my mornings.
Step 1, cut that crap out right now

Step 2, because of your nice cozy job it just doesn't sound like you want it badly enough. There are plenty of guys on this forum with families that still manage to make it work despite the added financial burden of children.

What you need to do is define your "Why's". WHY do you want to succeed? The answer to that question needs to be the fire lit under your a$$ to do the work when times get hard.

We are all responsible for the betterment of our own lives. Each person has a choice.

In the words of Andy Dufresne: "Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'"

All the best,



Jan 2, 2019
I'm right there with you.

Finding things about my "normal" job that I absolutely hate helps me.


Calling another man my boss. Or times when I get micromanaged. Another one is having to work someone else's schedule. I think about how I'm not in control of my own time and that I should be the one that says when I work. I can't stand any of this and it reignites my fire.

BUT... I find that being broke is no fun as well (trust me, been there), so the job is necessary until I get some income of my own coming in.

Another thing that helps me personally is having a vivid vision. I picture myself working in my business. I picture life the way I want it. This keeps me going.

As for the family... yeah it's tough. I just try to do a little bit each day. Some days it's literally reading a page out of a textbook or writing 100 words of copy. Anything to keep some kind of momentum going.

So I guess my recipe is to hate your job so much that you can't stand it, have a vision, and take baby steps toward entrepreneurship.

Hope this helps a little bit.

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