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INTRO long presentation of a French man, age of 45 who wants to act

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John March

New Contributor
Read Millionaire Fastlane
Mar 20, 2018
Dear MJ,

First, many thanks.

I am John, I am French and I am 45 years old. I don't know if you will read this message until the end but it is important for me to tell you what I feel after reading your book («The Millionaire FastLane »).

When I was younger, I practiced Sport (Karaté) and I was Champion of France (category Junior) in 1994. Therefore, I was selected in Junior French Team for the European Championship the year after. It's not boastful to say that, but just a parallel about the process you mentionned in your book that a result or an event is always from a process. In this case, it was many years of training. Next to that I got a graduate degree (In France, it's not the same system as in U.S. but no matter). Notice that I have never worked in the field of my studies. I come from a working class family . I chained various jobs including one where I stayed 14 years. (rat race)

More than 4 years ago, I've decided to create a business ( open a store). It did not work obviously. It closed 23 months later. The positive point : I did not have many customers and with the free time, I began to re inform myself and to re educate my self as well, with alternative medias. I 've read a lot ( about trading futures and psychology) and have paid courses with « guru »But not only. I took the opportunity to take advantage of « MY TIME » and have decided to do a training to learn English Language (6 months training 2 years ago). There is no age to learn lol. I supposed it was a good skill for the Trading (futures) but not only. Anyway, these were my choices.

I was aware that most of people were conditioned by TV, medias mainstream, education, school, university etc... And I wanted to learn again and again and all I was doing was failing . It wasn't possible !!!! I felt I was doing things right. I always gave people (family but not only) many things like fashion clothes, TV screen and one time a car !!!! You heard well, A CAR !!! Moreover, I always thought that we had to be good with loved ones, friends, family. I was a good boy:) Damned !!! In hindsight, they are not present when we need : no regret, this is experience but I have to be cautious, I mustn't do the same things next time . It's like this, people are thinking about themselves only. However, sport taught me to be tenacious and persevering. But heck !!! Nothing is going on !!! Sure I have had period of doubt. But I continued to read, discover, educate, inform myself and I continue today (I'm sure I'm gonna continue all my life). I am not profitable today and I know that many people would have given up but not me. No money, it doesn't matter, the good question is: “what does not work? And Why? How can I do to be successful?

Recently, I went to seminar to learn (once again), but this time , this person and all intervenant had all done for them what they were saying (about real estate and business). Good! And one of them has mentionned your book. I decided to buy it ( in English Language, I prefer because it's not my native language and therfore , I am more concentrated to write side notes). So, I bought it on Amazon (with the little money I have but it's my problem not yours) and read it in 4 or 5 days, it doesn't matter. (And at time, I'm reading “Unscripted ”).

What a revelation!!!! To be honest, I realized that I was a “Sidewalker”.I had the answers to all my questions, but (especially thanks to the book), I was now aware of my biggest gap: my financial education. Il was unlikely that everything I tried could work. I didn't have the basics , the foundations and unfotunately I didn't have the right mindset nor the right process to move on with my life !!! So MANY THANKS for this awarness because today, I know where I have to go to learn and to make ,even if I know that it is the beggining. Like many others, I had a lot of failures but in everything there are some positive things. Therefore I consider that sometimes I win, sometimes I learn but I do not lose. I consider my life as a puzzle. Different experiences are piece of puzzle, different skills are pieces of puzzle as well. It is time for me to put all these puzzle pieces together so that it can be assembled and the recipe for my journey will take shape .

Throughout the book, many ideas (pawns) arrived, some more achievable than others at my level. My mindset has changed and I have to apply now. Just find (And i found ) an object which already exixts but transform it in better (I've searched everywhere on the Web and I never found it). Take care that it can concern millions of housewives for example, take care of the potental need, and Action !!!! By the way , I've contacted a friend to make potentially a prototype of a kitchen tool. I know that it's gonna be my road on my roadmap. But Today, It's easy for a manufacturer to tell : « oh no, it's not good for us, we aren't interested » (and do the opposite afterwards) I am aware that I am not a pawn in my mind, but I am a pawn in the real life (today) . So, knowing that I am 45 years old ( with a sharky motivation), what kind of « fatherly advices » could you give me to take steps one after the other. What corporation will I have to see in the good order (thank you in advance for this shortcut ;-)). And which one i must meet first ? I don't know if it's possible to file a patent/brand on an object , I am trying to find out about that . Anyway, it will be used later (one thing after another) for an object opening process that can affect all families. As you can see, many competent people are working and concentrated on new tecnology like the blockchains and cryptassets (I love these technologies). My different ideas concern simples tools which ever exist and where the use or the process could be ameliorated because of the need. Everybody have to eat everyday !!!.

I have others ideas to interact commercially between 2 companies by suggesting them a commercial idea but I do not know how it is negotiated and anyway, I do not have access to these people today ... But I keep it in a corner of my head …
Anyway, whether or not you reply to this message , I wanted to thank you for relighting the flame even stronger . I don't know how , I don't know when... But sure, I will go towards my objectives.

One way or the other , my choices will definy my future. I never thought that it was the fault of others or society or whatelse. It depends of the choices of anyone. Finally , at age 45, and between us it's still time for me to wake up (laughing out loud!!!) and to execute (king and queen)

More seriously, Mister M.J. I never can say thank you enough

Sincerly , John

P.S. : Sorry for the mistakes in English Language

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MJ DeMarco

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Read Millionaire Fastlane
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Jul 23, 2007
Fountain Hills, AZ
Welcome my friend. Thanks for sharing.

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