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I've done enough dreaming

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Benito Alvarez

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Jul 14, 2018
Marbella, Spain
Hi All,

I'm Benito from Spain. I've wanted to do an intro since joining however it was all for the wrong reasons... the minute I read a comment about action faking I new I was craving immediate gratification for having taking action... what action?... Reading a book! I had to stop myself.

I've been a dreamer since forever, surrounded by people who praise me on my talent but instead of pursuing something great I found myself working in a company who's values I don't share, making my boss rich and moaning about it.

Yip, I've been terrified of failure and found my nice shelter in dreaming. So 6 months ago I decided to take action, my wife and I attended a Tony Robbins seminar (queue the rage) and yes it was one giant up-sell, however I realised there that I had a classic poor person mentality confirmed to me in the book Outliers. So I searched for how to lose my way of thinking and condition myself to a more empowering mindset. While researching I was recommended TMF , it was exactly what I needed and yes made me regret spending a tone of money on the Robbins event!

Since then, I've become a e-resident of Estonia and started my online business. Right now it's nothing more than a foundation, but every day I work on it to build something great.

I have a tonne of doubts but I'm working through them because I am determined to earn enough money to give my parents the retirement they deserve, help my sister get on her feet and give my self and my wife the freedom that I value so much. I am no longer an enemy of wealth, and I feel it's my duty to earn it, because I know I can.

I just want to thank MJ DeMarco for the wakeup call and this community who add so many insights, you've pretty much changed my life.

Now that's enough from me, back to the grind.

Thanks for reading.
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MJ DeMarco

I followed the science; all I found was money.
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Jul 23, 2007
Welcome Benito! Appreciate the introduction.

Benito Alvarez

Read Fastlane!
Read Unscripted!
Jul 14, 2018
Marbella, Spain
I'm still not too update on community likes and dislikes however I just wanted to share an update. As I said in my post I just started my business and I was ready for the desert of desertion. I put my self out there with one thing in mind I need to be humble and over-deliver to get my first reviews.

I got 6 leads, 3 time wasters and 3 real leads. I told them the truth, that I wanted to offer them a risk free proposal. No down payments, only pay if satisfied, low prices and an understanding that it was my mission to exceed their expectations. My only request was that they would give me a review that I can publish on my site.

I closed 2 of the 3 leads and today I received my first payment, the next one to arrive imminently. 2 very satisfied customers and reviews in the pipe.

This is obviously a very small step in the big picture and i'm sure there are many hard times ahead, I just wanted to share this because my mindset, my approach have all been very influenced by Unscripted and TMF .

Hope this is helpful to anyone.

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