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Jul 14, 2019
First Admins. Please forgive an identical post here and in the inventions forum because to me the distinction is false. Probably only for me, but as an inventor, I invent business models, ideas, marketing just as much as I do physical and software product ideas. I'm posting in both just to offer the same thing in both categories. This is the best way I can serve this community and contribute to it so I want to put is everywhere it's most relevant, which is both here and in inventing.

If you feel one of these copies should be deleted, please inform me so I can write a similar, but a more relevant thread with the same core concept, offer my help to contribute to this community the best way I'm able.

Ok I'm a lifelong 52-year-old inventor from Canada, I'm super passionate about inventing and if I can help you, let me know.

To be clear, the primary way I can help is with design, unvarnished feedback, licensing knowledge ( real-world experience, I not a lawyer and don't know or have legal expertise ) and problem-solving.

What I can't help with is importing, and sourcing I'm just learning that myself with a mentor, and I'm sure many of you could help me learn much more about it, the reverse isn't yet true for those areas.

I have no money or resources to offer and I'm doing this to contribute to this community in the way I'm best able. If I can't help or don't know, I won't waste your time or mine pretending I do.

You should know that I'm an active product developer and have many products on the go at any time and literally hundreds and growing in the wing at any moment. IFF you want my help, and I can help, I will only do so IFF it doesn't represent a conflict of interest for either of us. That said there is an infinite number of ideas products so there are many that would represent a conflict.

Unlike MJ and most people on this forum, I think ideas are equal in standing to execution and both are mutually dependent. Shit ideas are still shit, even with the best execution, and that shit execution will kill the best ideas. I may argue my point sometime in these forums, but for now, let's just say we disagree if you're in that majority and get to helping one another succeed.

All I'm offering is ideas and feedback, I won't do your job or legwork for you, but if I can help, I'm happy to do so. All I ask in return is the same if you have knowledge or feedback that would help in if and when I ask for it.

The one thing I'm NOT here for is a measuring contest, it'll just waste my everyone's time.

I hope we can help each other succeed.


P.S. Admins. Maybe I'm a freak, but it's taken me weeks to find WTF the Forums main headings are. The popular, hot and other listings are SOOOO LOOONG, I didn't even think to scroll WAY DOWN to find what IMHO needs to be visible and obvious within the first screen height. Maybe it's just me, but I would have been posting way more, and in WAY more categories from the beginning if only I'd realized where the main Forum headings where located. Just my honest opinion:-?

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