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I need some recommendations to brush up on copyright laws for a website idea

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Dec 10, 2019
Hello everyone! I apologize if this is not the correct sub forum, I am still getting the hang to using the website for posting. Short time lurker here.

I have recently finished Unscripted and TMF and I can not wait to really start getting into some processes that will catapult me into my dreams.
That being said, I need some advice and guidance on a few things.

I am pretty confident that I can fill a need but I do struggle with centering myself on to one idea. I have so many ideas kicking around inside my head that I have struggled to establish what my first venture into entrepreneurship is going to be. From the very start of reading TMF, I have been brainstorming on what exactly to focus my efforts on, and I have struggled. A few of my initial ideas were:

1. Marijuana delivery similar to grubhub/Instacart, As marijuana is now legal in my state I thought of writing software to start a delivery business from the dispensaries. This honestly seems like a need that will go solved very quickly and It would take me too long to get it started and running. So i veered away from it.

2. Murder Mystery/Event planning - I LOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons, and something I found about playing D and D is that it is similar to a "game night" with friends and family, but D and D is specifically geared towards a crowd that is interested in fantasy role playing. I feel that D and D concepts can be applied to a variety of different gaming types because D and D itself is essentially several friends coming together for a fun night. Except with D and D the fun can be hand in so many different ways. I feel like I could get anyone to have an incredibly surprising and fun time playing a game that is supposedly reserved for "nerds." I am the Dungeon Master for my campaign, and with this comes a lot of responsibility. Essentially my friends are trusting me to hang out for 6 hours and entertain them. I do this extremely well. I thought this could apply to something like a murder mystery event easily, so i started writing something up. The problem is I am not a good writer with things that don't particularly take place in the medieval fantasy settings. Actually i really dislike it and it isn't fun for me. Therefore I grow tired of it quickly and this results in not a lot of accomplishment. I have been working on the event for 3 weeks now. It gets harder everytime i sit down to write. The main problem is I am not a good writer. I am an average writer, but the bulk of D and D is really centralize on improvising. I have a general outline but it is the specific stuff I struggle with like dialogue and connecting the characters together. Regardless, I don't think I will pursue this as my first business even though my friends and family think I will be amazing at it, I think they are naive in thinking that. This is a fad to me and I think it has run in its course soon.

3. Website that is similar to Rotten Tomatoes or Metacritic in that it contains a wealth of information about movies and TV shows. But I want to make it an interactive thing. My general idea is to have a website set up like a companion to watching TV shows and movies. Where you create a profile but essentially earn achievements and bragging rights for the shows and movies you watch. Almost like a Playstation or XBOX account that you can join up with your friends profiles and see what they are watching and have been watching and get recommendations based on interests and friend's interests. You can gain milestones that reflect some sort of score within your profile based on basically how many shows you have watched and I am also thinking about how well you know the material. A score could be provided based on some trivia or something like that. Anyways this is just a fledgling idea and I know I have a ton of work to do before an attempt. I was really wondering if anyone has any god recommendations to help me brush up on copyright laws, and really if this is even a possible viable idea to have. Using other people's content on my site. I wonder how sites like Rotten Tomatoes does it? I assume that there are licensing fees and such to be paid, and I dont really have any way to monetize this yet. So this may not even be a viable business system short of advertising revenue. But it is something I think would be cool.

I apologize for the first two random idea listings, I wanted you guys to know where I am coming from, I am obviously struggling to apply myself in one area and not reminisce about what might have been with another idea. I am one of those "idea guys" that is unable to apply myself to one things before i pick it apart and find out everything that will be wrong with it rather than waste my time even trying I will just quit that one and move on to another.

TL;DR - Seeking good recommended materials for learning copyright laws pertaining to media like movies and shows, and how certain companies and websites achieve using that type of content for commercial use.

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