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INTRO Hi! I'm Nasrif ~


New Contributor
Nov 14, 2018
Hey guys!

I'm Nasrif and currently 22 years old in my soon-to-be last semester of university. I am studying Sciences with the idea of wanting to go into optometry but recently, the whole idea of being an entrepreneur has made me go insane. I currently hate my 9-5 job right now working as a retail sales associate working my a$$ off to barely meet ends-meet. I realize that there's no financial benefit for me doing that, and something struck me...I don't want to be tied working for someone else.

Science has been the only thing that made sense to me, and its something that my parents have urged. But considering that I am graduating soon, I have decided to take some time off school and build a business in something that I am really passionate about - Graphic Design!

I have been doing graphic design for more than 8 years now as a hobby and I never really saw it as something that I could start a career on, until now! Currently, I'm working on starting my own business and brand and hoping to make it big one day - hopefully soon! I have the drive and passion to do this and I will make it happen!

I am in the process of making my website right now and I have one client whom I'm doing some gigs for, although he is a friend of mine and I'm kind of doing a pro-bono - as I would charge a lot more.

I came across this forum while looking to start my journey and hopefully learn something from you all!

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Ivan M.

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May 24, 2017
Welcome to the forum Nasrif. You'll find much helpful information on this forum along the way to your journey of success!!


New Contributor
Nov 14, 2018
Thanks you guys! I already have a client down so I hope to grow some traction after this!!

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