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INTRO Grit, Resolve, and Hope: Everyone Loves A Comeback Story

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Nov 30, 2020
We all like an underdog story.

So I lost my job last week. I was there for 3 years.

I worked my a$$ off, got promoted, progressively gained more responsibility, and had the opportunity to interview for another promotion. I was stoked, and thought I was finally about to make a career breakthrough.

I waited 2 weeks for the interview outcome meeting. All manner of chaos is erupting due to Covid and many colleagues are losing their jobs. The outcome meeting arrives.

They tell me I was unsuccessful in my interview. And that I’m being made redundant.

3 years of grind as a Project Manager, 2 industry standard certifications gained, 1 12-month development program enrolled on, weekly phone calls with a senior leader who became my mentor. A lot of time, energy, and money was invested into this job. As financial difficulties emerged for the company, they did what any company does, they cut costs. One of which was me.

The news was rough, but I got to work right away. I called some contacts and secured freelance work managing projects for 2 days per week at another, similar institution. It’s less money, and I wasn’t making much at all. Still, actively networking for the past few years paid off and I was impressed by how quickly I pivoted into a new role (~2 hours after losing my job). Not having a job is embarrassing as hell and I started a YouTube channel to keep myself busy. I've uploaded 1 video a day and actually shot 3 videos yesterday. This is just a hobby and has made me feel productive in the past few days of not being at work.

Fundamentally, I took stock and reflected. I am nowhere near where I want to be financially. I’m 29, motivated, driven, and a very hard worker. I’ve saved a good amount of money and have a decent platform, have a good degree from a good school, some good work experience, and a deep inner-drive. I’ll make something of myself.

I’ve been in this position twice the past 5 years. Worked my a$$ off and got shit canned. I’m not a cattle, I have legitimate value to deliver to this world, and I am going to find another way….

….I picked up MJ’s Millionaire Fastlane and began reading.

I’m going to go out and execute and turn this around. Incremental, sustainable progress compounded over time. I’m not shy of having to really grind, I had 5 paper rounds at 11, worked 2 jobs at 16, worked throughout University, and have done all manner of shit the past decade building up my intellectual and social capital. Some truly soul-crushing jobs, and some good ones. I have a blue-collar work ethic to the bone and am willing to do what it takes to build a legitimate platform for my life financially. I can't be so disposable in the market.

Right now, I have part-time work (2 days per week) as a Project Coordinator (basically an entry level contract) for one of my mentors (a CEO I worked for them in the past, they became a real friend and supporter) and I am going to pivot out of Project Management and into something with higher long-term earning potential that will facilitate multiple streams of income.

  • Learn PPC: Get AdWords certified. Complete some projects as a volunteer. Because I have networked well, I have 2 friends who are in PPC and are earning 6 figures. They said they will help me learn and I can actually spend time with them shadowing them in their work. I have materials to study and can get ready to build case studies for a portfolio in 7 days. Thereafter, I will seek full-time paid work

Seek Full-Time PPC Work: Complete projects on totally voluntary grounds, use them as case studies to secure full-time position. This paid work will be entry level and I don’t care, I am happy to build up and learn, and work on building a life on Fastlane Principles


Live by Fastlane Principles: I will solidify my understanding of MJ’s work (I’ve only just read it), begin to internalise the concepts, and build a plan for 2021. Skills I want to develop are PPC and Copywriting. I want to work 40hrs per week in PPC, and sell freelance copywriting services for 30hrs per week. With the rest of the time in my week, I will work this out….

I will find a way. Have spent my time and money in a productive manner, saved up a lot, live modestly, have been hard working and focused and have done my best. I am not where I want to be, but I have had a major realisation. I will figure this out.

This is just an intro. I hope to connect with you in a more meaningful way in the coming years.

Thanks all,

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