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Fair Use Laws with For Profit Business

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Mar 7, 2020
Hey all,

Do any of you have experience with Fair Use laws in a for profit business? I am a sound designer and I work mainly in animation and feature films. I am currently creating a course on my specific field. I am in the final stages before filming however I am concerned with copyright issues.

Here is a basic rundown of what I'm trying to accomplish. I have designed a course for my industry that will be 30 videos, some lecture, most will be instructional. For the instructional videos I would like to use past TV shows and Animations that I have personally worked on. These shows are owned by Dreamworks, Warner Bros, and Universal. I have reached out to all of them through my own connections but I have not gotten a response from any at this point. I am on a deadline as I have my house up for sale where I have my own home studio. So I have limited time before I will not have access to my studio where I'de like to shoot the video and no timeline on building a new studio.

What I have planned is to use small 3-5 minute sections of video (copyright video) and go through the techniques and systems we use in the film industry to edit and design sound. I will not be effecting the original video or changing the original video or causing harm to the company who owns the video. This will be for educational purposes but will be fee based. I know Fair Use allows for educational purposes but there seems to be a very grey area with for profit educational.

I posted a similar question on Avvo and was essentially to my best bet would be to get written permission from said studios. Again, under a time crunch here, I am feeling the pressure to go ahead a shoot video now and ask for forgiveness later. I do not want to be wrapped up in legal issues with any of these big companies.

Do any of you have any input or experience in this area?


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