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Desperately needing feedback for my idea (Please?)

Idea threads


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Sep 19, 2015
I'd love to get some feedback on my idea , basically it's copying a working business model to a developing country which is selling prescription eyeglasses online, there is nobody doing it in my country now which is a good thing and bad thing I guess.

About the E-com in my country , its very early stage , there are 2 major E-com's , one of them was acquired by Amazon. There is no niche specific E-com's at all at the moment.

As for the volume for 2017 it was about $5B USD with 30% growth and around 9M eshoppers.

The numbers aren't great and I feel there might be some resistance to purchasing glasses online since everyone is used to going to store.

There are multiple measures that can be done to avoid this like: -Cash on delivery ( to ease the fearful skeptic buyers, also CC penetration is not the best yet)

  • Virtual try on ( So the customer can see how the glasses looks on his/her face)

  • Home try on ( Give the customer 5 glasses , pick one and return the rest)
I cant start with everything on the list all at once but its worth planning for , Virtual try on is something I consider essential so I might add it from the start with Cash on delivery which might increase the initial development cost.

To be as lean as possible am not buying any inventory , I made a deal with a retailer to list his glasses and photograph them and will buy it from him and deliver it to customer , this is only for first testing phase to test the market response.

So what do you guys think ? , my only fear is the cost to educate new customers as nobody doing it so it will take some good budget to get the message out.

Looking forward to your feedback , as I said earlier the idea is not mine and its basically copying a working model like lenskart and coolwink in india and just to be clear.

Currently I'm doing more research in the industry about their margins and everything in between, next step will be building an MVP ecom with just essential and run it on FB campaign to test the water , I'm not sure if virtual try on is essential feature or not would love your take on this.

The idea is not out of the box and the execution is the most important part here but I'm afraid about the cost to acquisition and the cost to educate the market about the product since there is nobody doing it.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!
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