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Crypto Trading

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Timmy C

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Jun 12, 2018
Melbourne, Australia
I am and have been noticing a suspicious trend that whatever CNBC says is going to happen in crypto the opposite happens almost instantly in the market this dates back all the way to January, take this for what you will. I sense a bit of manipulation.

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Consumption Bear
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Apr 8, 2017
The crypto market is clearly manipulated by both benevolent and malevolent forces. Supposedly just 1,000 people control about half the Bitcoin market. All depends who has more push/pull at the time. No surprise though, this is old hat and goes back hundreds of years in the stock trading world. One of the best examples of what is likely happening in crypto is what also happened to RCA (Radio Corporation of America) during the 1920s, in which a small pool of investors were able to stimulate massive buy and sell movement by trickling in lots of money over many very small orders. I no longer invest in crypto, just watching things play out now.

Jaden Jones

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Aug 22, 2018
You will always find patterns in things if your looking hard enough I suppose. But if I were to bet on Bitcoin, it would be only on the fact that there is heavy manipulation. Not just from the whales, but from the exchanges as well. They are becoming massive. Coinbase can just announce they are thinking about something and it shoots up . That's just crazy.


New Contributor
Aug 29, 2018
I have no doubt the large institutions are trying to enter the market. Their problem is the size of the buys they require. You can't exactly log onto binance and place a single order for $25M of an altcoin without forcing the price way, WAY UP. The most common market manipulation I see daily is caused buy this very "problem."

So, as I understand it, this is how they manage to place a buy for, say, $25M worth of Cardano for instance. Place an order for a larger than usual size buy for that particular market. Let's say $1-5M worth. That causes the price to bump very noticeably. Traders see that and assume a moonshot is starting and quickly join in buying. Then, once they've generated enough enthusiasm, the institution sells the buy they just acquired. Again, this is a large order so the price begins to drop very quickly. This will cause a panic and the price drops below their initial starting price. Now they can rebuy a larger amount without causing the same reaction. Buyers left holding coins worth less than they paid only a short while ago, now try to minimize their losses, freeing up more liquidity for the institutional buyer.

I see this daily on the depth charts. You'd be surprised how accurately you can forecast the market's short term movements just learning to read depth charts.


May 9, 2016
It's like need to be the company doing the I.C.O. and bringing out the product not the investor.
Mar 20, 2019
Redwood City, CA 94063, USA
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