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Channel your inner "White Paws"

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Aug 13, 2019
Hi everybody,

Here is a short story I hope you will find as inspiring as I did.

As you may or may not know there's a lot of free-ranging dogs in India. They are called pariah dogs.

They're not at the bottom of the food chain, nor are they at the top of it. They just survive.
They "hunt" during the day for leftovers thrown away by humans, that's why you find most of these dogs in or around cities and villages.

At night however...

That's when it gets dangerous for them. That's when survival gets a lot more serious.
Because at night, leopards come out of their lairs. And guess what? Pariah dogs are their favorite targets.

If a stray dog is lucky enough to see the sun rise again, it is just to suffer an other day filled with trash hunting and endure an other night of terror.
So, that's how life goes for the majority of these dogs. But one of them has had enough of this life. Why should he follow this path?

He's forced to recognize the way him and the other dogs are doing things won't lengthen their life expectancy. On the contrary.
It won't bring them comfort or security either.

He then decides to step back and observe. He starts noticing patterns in the behavior of certain humans:

"This butcher is letting discarded parts of meat fall on the floor next to him instead of throwing them in the trash!"


"Oh! And this human who comes and buy a chicken several times a week? He seems to like dogs, maybe he could give me some of his chicken if I follow him home and act all cute?"

Thanks to his observations, the dog is now able to eat better food more often. No more garbage seeking for him.

But he still fears the night. Leopards are still a menace to him. How great it must be to be a human, spending the night in a secure and comfortable place!

"But I'm not a human! I'm not one of them! I'm a pariah dog... Humans would never let me live in their home!", the dog told himself.

Fortunately for him, that night was not the one he was supposed to die. No attacks, not even a noise resembling those of a leopard. The sun rises, and the dog goes for his daily morning walk in the fields outside the village.

As usual, he sees humans running after monkeys. He never asked himself why they were doing this. But this time, something happened in his head.

He watched carefully. The monkeys were running in the fields, hiding in the tall grass. Some of them were even creating a diversion so the other ones could go and climb up the trees to steal bananas and other fruits.

Humans were too slow to do anything. Throwing rocks was what they could do best, and it was not very effective...

That's when it hit him. That was it. The dog started running as fast as he could, and started barking as loud as possible. He could not climb up the trees, but the monkeys on the ground were escaping as if they had the devil behind them.
The ones in the trees, seeing their companions fleeing, did the same.

The farmers laughed, because they never saw an untrained stray dog doing this naturally.

This routine lasted a few days, until one of the farmers decided to adopt the pariah dog. He named him "White Paws".

White Paws never had to hunt for food ever again. He never had to worry about being attacked by a leopard either.

Guys, channel your inner White Paws. Don't try to survive on leftovers thrown away by humans. Don't try to come in their houses without their permission.

Find the monkeys destroying their fields and eating their fruits. Make sure those monkeys are gone forever, and everything you wished for will be granted.


P-S : Not sure about the category I posted in.

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May 3, 2014
England UK
Nice story and great analogy. It is what we strive to do here. Observe our fellow man, find out what ails them and look to provide a product/service he/she finds valuable enough they are willing to reward us for its provision.


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Aug 13, 2019
Thank you for your feedback!

It's a true story I stumbled upon just yesterday.

It's from a documentary about the relationship between dogs and men throughout history. I randomly came across this program as the TV was on at my parents' house.

Funny how sometimes the most basic things resonate with you once you're tuned in.


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Apr 12, 2019
Hamburg, Germany
Thanks for sharing this story!

For me its just another puzzle piece in gaining wisdom and perspective in this life.


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