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Avoid Feeling Stupid! Stay Poor and Unproductive! It’s ok!!

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Nov 30, 2018
Sometimes sarcastic me is the only me that helps.. lol.

Dear Self,

You LOATHE feeling stupid. You detest it. You hate asking questions of brilliant people who are challenging the status quo on a daily basis, people who are offering their time or wisdom or new exciting venture.

They make you feel so small.

Oh wait, no that’s not true at all. You don’t mind asking stupid questions! You were taught that no question is stupid. It’s ok to ask.

It’s just not ok to be BY YOURSELF and feel stupid. You should never, ever do that.

You don’t wanna feel stupid while you struggle with a concept that makes no sense to you! God forbid you feel the SLIGHTEST bit of distress! You’re such a gentle-hearted person being all mentally squishy and cute! I love your fluffy undisciplined mind! It’s not fat AT ALL, your mind is just curvy in all the right places! With cute little cellulite dimples!

Remember when you read David Goggins’ book Can’t Hurt Me months and months ago and you got so excited ! You immediately applied it to your exercise regimen! You went out and got UNcomfortable because, let’s face it, you don’t want to be PHYSICALLY fat.

It’s not because you actually value feeling uncomfortable or you value “challenging” yourself. Yuck!! Who would? Just productive people! You’re not productive! You’re lazy and that. is. ok. Don’t feel bad! You’ll always be lazy. People don’t change. You can’t change either. It’s fine! I’ll still love you!!

I’m sure you’ll quit going to the gym once you get below your inner fat threshold again. Then you can go right back to eating those cheese danishes you love! So yum. So so yum.

That new idea you have? Don’t research it. You won’t understand half of what ppl are talking about and if you try to actually make anything, literally ANYTHING AT ALL.. well you’ll feel like a moron!

You should DEFINITELY avoid feeling stupid or sweaty or uncomfortable. It’s an awful feeling isn’t it? Not pleasant.

I’m here to tell you, it’s ok.

You can just stay the way you are.

You don’t need to stretch yourself or challenge yourself or god forbid pm someone who might be able to encourage you or .. you know what?

Don’t even google how to solve that weird dilemma you’re thinking about. Googling is SO much work! Just take a nap baby. It’s ok.

Oh! You could distract yourself, with happy things like your old job or that relationship you’re in.. or anything really. Just, please, whatever you do, don’t feel stupid.

I don’t think it’s good for your health.


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Dec 9, 2014
I’m on my phone at the moment. I read this. Hit the “Like” button. And then I meant to scroll up to go back to the homepage to see what else is new. But my finger accidentally hit the emoji icon and while swiping, this is what I hit. The fist bump. It seemed right so I’m leaving it there.

Thank you.

Andre Aguiar

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Nov 12, 2019
Florianopolis, Brazil
My mind is made for protecting me from danger, so it deviates me from uncomfortable things, specially unknown things and situations.
I realised not long ago that this attitude it's getting me nowhere.

One thing I never liked so much is forums.
I always feel discomfortable to share my story, my feelings, my ideas, etc.

I joined this forum exactly to challenge myself, so I can learn and contribute.

Thanks for the post, @Primeperiwinkle

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