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Amazon has got to be the beginning right? Lezgo!

A detailed account of a Fastlane process...


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Dec 16, 2017
Ok, I am holding myself accountable now.
Especially since the past few weeks has been a struggle. Very little sleep, as the baby has been teething and learning to walk. Hubs is working 12hours, commuting 5hrs round trip, Father around, he is elderly needs care etc. So with myself looking after what is essentially 3 children I am feeling the strain.

You see for me, it's not just about the money. Yes that is nice, but it's mostly about TIME. I want to do things on my own terms and spend as much time with my 10 month old daughter rather than travel all over the place for work, as my contracting position would dictate. So while on maternity leave I've been trying to think of ways to get started on another business that gives me more control. The amazon model seemed like a good model to start with. I am hoping it will be one of many models that works for me. It's been a whole new world for me these last few months.
The contracting gig has been put on hold for the next 6 months. I have given myself 6 months - (funds allowing) to get this idea off the ground and moving

Product research software signup - November 2017
Ltd company for contracting made dormant - November 2017
Ltd company for ecommerce registered. - December 2017
Bank account opened - December 2017

Finally focused on one product after back and forthing with several suppliers over a range of products I wanted to nail. I had also spent ALOT of time trying to find, vouch, double -check suppliers and get cost effective unit prices. My market begins in the UK and with the hefty VAT % alone, my margins on most products seemed really low.

Tried to find credible suppliers using non-alibaba links, suceeded. Prototypes created, samples received. December/January 2018
I placed my 1st order yesterday and paid the deposit. I got jitters doing it. I got scared, I got worried, I got mad and then I got hopeful.
This product sets my head off with ideas for different configurations/styles so I know I can expand on the brand.
200 units of product ordered to come home. Supplier can't engrave logo due to time limit. So I'll do the usual and put a logo stamp on it for now. Next order - the brand is getting stamped on that baby.
Will already be looking for a backup supplier as I feel like I could've gotten a better deal if not for time constraints. Though these guys are good.

CNY really served to be a pain so I ventured outside China to other countries. Found an interested supplier, we exchanged quite a few long emails, they seemed really interested - even sent the manufacturer a sample but that seems to resulted to nought.
Logo done, it's funny I used to get caught up in the details of this. Now I have it done in a couple of hours and move on.
Shopify account created still on free trial, domain bought. Now dithering on subscribing vs just opening a cheaper simple landing page.
Social media sites opened - Instagram might be the main one to nail. Need to work on getting more followers. Pinterest seems hard to involve. FB page created. Now need to learn about this pre-launch on FB business.
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