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INTRO A new beginning


New Contributor
Sep 3, 2019
Hello Everyone!
The name is Martin and I´m from Denmark.

The reason this is a new beginning for me here is because, I started another thread where I got some amazing feedback from @Rawseed. I therefore decided to follow his advice and make a introduction thread.

So who am I?
I´m a young guy 23 years old, who want to start a business around postural issues, like neck and back pain. When I was younger I had problems with both neck and back pain, and I feel/imagine I´m not the only one. One day I had enough, and I spend a lot of time on how to fix this problem. I am currently also studying to become a physiotherapist, to really be an expert in a field like this. I have 1,5 years left of my education.
But I also wanted to build my own business, with the freedom of making my own decisions and being my own boss. That is why I started this journey into entrepreneurship a few months ago. I have great mentors helping me on this journey, to not waste my time with fields I am not an expert in (yet).

Lastly I wanted to give you guys some tips I have learned, on how to minimize the possibility of neck and back pain:
  • My first tip is to work out. It is simple (and might be obvious to some), but it is still very helpful. An exercise to keep or help with posture would be face pulls.
  • One thing i see a lot is the mention of an ergonomic chair, which is great and all. My next tip though is that even if you have a very ergonomic chair, the human body is still not made to sit in one position for long periods of time. Therefore I would recommend someone to change position around every 10 minutes instead. The body is made to move, so to further increase the effect of changing position, you should also get of the chair around every hour for just 5 minutes and walk.
  • My last tip is mostly for people sitting in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. The tip is to get some computer glasses, even if you don´t need glasses. Most computer screens today have the effect of "pulling" your eyes to each side of the screen, just a very small amount. This makes the eye muscles overload to pull the eyes back to the correct position, which can actually course tension in the neck and hereby neck pain.
Hope these few tips can help some of you, and if you are interested in learning more about my idea in business, you all are welcome to write me a pm or a comment :)

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day/night.

Entre Eyes

Bronze Contributor
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Welcome and thanks Malleren. You found a way to intro AND give value. Salute.

Now sure your plan will shoot you a message but if you had a Store right now that only made a dollar you would still easily find an investor to Flip it to.

Great niche in my opinion...who would be finding your online business? Someone sitting in front of a computer. Boom.

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