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RANT A co-worker who is good with his job but keeps everything to himself!

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Feb 6, 2014
Sorry guys, just blowing off some steam here about a co-worker of mine who is really good with his work (very technical, knows it all) but really doesn't share the knowledge around. And when my team does something wrong, he's gonna raise his voice and let everyone know and be the hero to fix it and gets all the praise.

Give the annoyed look when you talk to him, as if he's feeling that we wanted to get his job from him. Well, I understand 'coz he's a contractor, but he's really making it hard to work with someone like him.

Hopefully, I can someday tell directly to his face that he's really a pain to work with. Or do something else to get him to our side. Augh! Again, sorry guys!

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Mar 23, 2019
  • Our emotions are primal.
  • As a result of emotions we have thinking.
  • As a result of thinking we take action.
If you take the above into consideration you may be able to lower your pain. Influencing him is a whole different story. Best wishes!


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Feb 8, 2014
I suggest reading/listening to the laws of human nature by Robert Greene. I saw a full audiobook in youtube too. Human psychology is really awesome thing to learn about and especially knowing it when you are met with these challenges :)

You can't really change him though, you can only go to his mind frame and influence it little by little. However for that to happen, you need to change the attitude about him to positive. You can take him on as your little project of understanding human nature, because he is not going to be the last difficult person you will deal with in your life.

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