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INTRO 39 in Brooklyn and ready for the plunge


Aug 13, 2019
During the summer of '18, my wife and I welcomed our first child. We took 3 months off of the scripted life to adjust to parenting, and life was grand spending that time however we wanted. Now I'm 39, and just lost my job working with early stage blockchain startups. My goal is to transition into a life of financial freedom by becoming a successful entrepreneur starting today.

I just read Unscripted, and now I believe it is possible to enjoy life on my terms and my time, permanently. While I attempted to start a "money making business" years ago (and failed miserably), I am now targeting to build or improve value generating businesses that will solve problems and make life more convenient for others.

My journey through the scripted life included roles as a web developer, software engineer, technical project manager and most recently as an agile coach. My wife and I own 3 properties: one we rent, and have two that we live in. Our Brooklyn home is tiny, so last year we purchased a spacious cabin in the country where we spend our weekends, and some weeks. We have 401Ks, an account with mutual funds (yes we bought into the idea of compounding interest), and a savings account that will start to dwindle away as I no longer have a high earning income from the scripted life.

I would love to avoid going back into a soul sucking M-F 9ish-5ish job. So I joined this forum and started to read about how other people are becoming fastlaners. I plan on spending today reading Gold and notable threads.

Congrats to all who have joined the fastlane, to those who are taking steps towards their transition, and to MJ for successfully sharing his knowledge and creating a platform to support everyone on their journeys.

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