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  1. B. Cole

    Convince me not to use WIX for Ecommerce

    Happy 9:44pm EST Fastlaners - Short version, I’m a couple of months out from a product launch, and about a year ago I began reserving domain names, social media pages, etc. For reasons I could only chalk up to ignorance, I have my domain hosted on WIX with their online store subscription, and...
  2. MKM123

    WEB SCHOOL Anyone use WIX,GoDaddy?? Prefer freelancer?

    Hey guys, I am trying to execute an idea at the moment and am in the process of trying to create a web page. Has anyone had any experience with WIX, GoDaddy or other simular webistes in relation to web page creation? And would anyone recommend these pages or instead hiring a freelance web...

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