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  1. R

    Intro + Website feedback

    Hello Guys I'm Remens and I'm 16 years old. I'm currently in school and on the side I do private tutoring and also work in a pharmacy. My goal is to build up webdesign/development agency. If you wanna see my website: (note: its not finished and in german). Feel free to check it out...
  2. B

    Finding pain points in a particular industry

    Good day. I am currently trying to make great offers and generate leads for my web design business. Currently I have zero leads and I am confused about where to start. Should I work on my offer first and then try and generate leads or should I work on generating leads first. I need to...
  3. Jane Oliver

    WordPress or Shopify

    I want to build a website for my business. Can you guys give some guidance on which platform should I go with WordPress or Shopify?
  4. Fede91Ts

    How do you evaluate if the website for your new startup looks legit and professional?

    Hi everyone! It had been a while since my last post in which I was introducing that I was about to start a business. After a few weeks of study trying to size the opportunity and building processes, I've spent some time in building the website for my venture. The plan is to start looking for...
  5. X

    How's my sales approach / strategy?

    Hey there fellow entrepreneurs! I've started designing & selling websites 1 year ago without a lot of success to say the least :happy: Anyways, I've figured my problem was my sales approach and strategy- I've tried selling websites on IG and tried promoting it there, it did not work very well...
  6. khadush

    99% of client make this mistake when they hire a web designer or a design agency.

    I was thinking of writing this article for the last year, but I am not sure what was resisting me from writing this article. Maybe being a designer, I don't want to offend other designers too, or maybe I don't want to look highlighted by making the design community get angry at me. The reason...
  7. T

    QUESTION: setting up email for clients with domain name?

    Okay so I know how web hosting works, and I know how to connect a domain to it, and I know how to build a website, but email systems with the domain name confuse me. I have a few questions about it and am looking for any advice. I'm using CPanel to setup websites for clients, but how do I make...
  8. M

    Lead Generation Webdesign Business

    Hi, I’ve read the Millionaire fastlane multiple times and can’t get enough of it. March 2020 I’ve decided to buy a dog and listen to MJ’s audiobooks while walking my dog, which are even more revealing for me. Thanks MJ! Thanks to this book I’ve decided to start my own business in Webdesign...
  9. mell0w

    How to find clients?

    Hey guys i have a question, you can be the best webdesigner, but if you have no clients and no one knows you and your web buisness than all your coding/selling/problem solving skills are worthless. So i had only 3 Clients wich paid me each 50€, i found these 3 clients over twitter and messaged...
  10. H

    Webdesign Hosting and Creation Process

    Hello I would like to create Wordpress websites for international clients. How can I make the creation process as easy and frictionless as possible? I've seen that with Siteground I can create unlimited websites with the "Grow Big" package. After I have created a website, I would then transfer...
  11. GWan

    Growing a Lifestyle Business – Freelance UX/UI + Web Design

    Hi everyone, I'm creating this thread to document my progress as a freelance UX/UI + Web designer. Here's a bit about me: I've been a full-time UX/UI designer for the past 2 and 1/2 years, mainly working on SaaS web applications. I think I'm a pretty good designer, and know that I have the...
  12. GrandRub

    Digital Marketing / Webdesign Cold Emailing - What to expect?

    Hey Guys and Girls! all of you doing cold emailing how much (positive) responses and meetings do you usualy get from 100 mails? how many sales? i am sending cold emails out cold emails for my webdesign / PPC Freelance Business - Personalized to each business. i point out 1-2 opportunitys...
  13. J

    Outsourcing web development with my agency

    Hi, In todays world, there are lots of freelancers you can hire to do jobs like web design, graphic design, marketing services etcetera. I also noticed, that there are a lot of people who need a website for their businesses and are willing to make an investment. I have been thinking and I got...
  14. G

    Getting into Web Design

    So currently I'm taking an online Udemy course. It's the complete WordPress Buisness course. It's pretty good so far. Not finished but I'm going to feel lazy for asking this but, is there any wisdom to be shared about website design that I may need to know? Usually I don't like to ask simple...
  15. jarvisdiego

    My Journey as a Noob Web Designer

    WEEK 1 What's up everyone, My goal is to record my weekly progress as web designer until I reach $1M / year. I think that is a good way of measuring my success with this hustle. A little bit about me: I just turned 24 yo and I graduated with a B.S. in mechanical engineering. After...
  16. GWan

    GWan's Web Design Progress Thread

    Hi everyone, Decided it was about time to start a progress thread for my web design business. I bought Fox's course back in November 2017. Since then, I have completed a few free websites and closed 2 sales for $300 & $1000. Both of these clients were found through cold emailing small...
  17. Torger

    Freshly baked Software company

    Hi everybody, I've been lurking around this forum for a while so i felt it was time to introduce myself! Me: I'm 23 years old from Norway and i'm currently a full time IT engineering student at my second year. Current hustle: I started a web develop / software company in the beginning of 2017...
  18. AB Hustle

    hello FL nation - 23 y/o Web developer who already started hustling

    hello FL nation, I'm a 23 y/o Web developer I started hustling right after I finished my degree in SE which was a total BS. I was never a fan of school system but I got the degree just for my parents sake as you know poor parents think that education is the door out of poverty. Any way I read a...
  19. TheDutch

    Finally, a proper introduction! Do you know me already?

    Hi All, Some of you may know me already, since i'm scavenging here and there for information and motivation on this Forum. And passing on the knowledge i've got in my short history of working. I try to make every post being of value for atleast someone on this Forum. 22 years old from...