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  1. Fede91Ts

    How do you evaluate if the website for your new startup looks legit and professional?

    Hi everyone! It had been a while since my last post in which I was introducing that I was about to start a business. After a few weeks of study trying to size the opportunity and building processes, I've spent some time in building the website for my venture. The plan is to start looking for...
  2. iivalky

    How I Went From Massive Consumer to Massive Producer (Business Venture)

    Hello everyone, A lot of people seemed to take interest in my introduction where I briefly explained my career as an indie game developer, so I thought I would write a detailed article of my journey from start to present. I will be as open as possible with my numbers, failures and even struggles...
  3. Vigilante

    Raising Pre-Revenue Angel Cash Is A PITA

    I could write a book about all of the ways NOT to raise money. Having previously bootstrapped a few companies, I wanted to do this one completely differently. I know that I have something that can reach massive scale quickly, but it requires more than some fancy new business cards and a Regus...
  4. Vince P

    Everything can be rented

    I hope you guys can help by giving feedback in my idea. Basically what I envisioned is to make everything for rent. what I can provide is the logistics and the payment side. Infrastructure: Platform for website and app that anyone can post their stuff. They make a profile and they will have to...
  5. Niptuck MD

    What Questions regarding new product development or manufacturing do you all have?

    This is a new thread I am shedding light and expertise on for you all to benefit from. I hope some of the principles can be applied to your innovations, thoughts, ideas etc. Within the realms of commercialization, design, planning, control and organization are all simultaneously embedded as part...