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vegan business

  1. MTF

    Travel/Outsider Entrepreneurship Opportunities

    As I travel, I see so many business opportunities in various places. It's super easy to see what's missing and what's working well in other places and would work well locally as well. I'm curious if anyone knows of any person doing this kind of "adventure" entrepreneurship, meaning traveling to...
  2. V

    Vegan Food Franchising

    Hello everyone, and sorry for my English in advance but I am not a native speaker. Quick background: I am a doctor (MD) with an expertise in vegan nutrition, I am quite famous in my country, wrote 3 books (4th coming out in 2023) and built my first fast lane business last year (consultation...
  3. parabolic

    another vegan in the Phoenix area

    Hello. I've read TMF and have been reading the forum for a while. Today I pulled the trigger and created an account so I can post. I do not currently have a business, but I have been entrepreneurial since I was a kid. I moved from CA to AZ on January 1, 2021, and I now live in Gilbert. I've...
  4. M

    What do you think about a vegan shoes brand for Men

    What do you think about a shoes brand who offers vegan & environmentally friendly shoes for Men. For Men who love nature, who want to wear stylish shoes, but at the same time can contribute by their consumption to the preservation of the environment and can minimize the killing of animals.
  5. DavidBai2021

    Starting up a Tofu business in the UK

    Hi All! Ever since I sold chocolate bars & energy drinks in school, I knew that business & entrepreneurship was for me. I've always been the 'Idea guy', having 'amazing' business ideas, maybe making a prototype, then moving on or forgetting about it. As MJ would say, I was a 'Dreampreneur'...
  6. S

    Vegan food business in Italy

    Hello All, Together with my two partners, we are launching a new vegan food, in Italy. It's like nutella for the healthy :) We have been knowing the vegan space since 2015, and we know the kind of problems faced everyday. The target market is clear: we already received interest from nearly 500...
  7. dude_abides

    Starting a new Food product business, (plant-based / vegan)

    Hi All, My wife and I have decided to launch a new business. We're developing a food product to serve people that are eating Vegan / Whole-Food-Plant-Based diet. Our target personas are: 1) individuals that are 'in transition', just starting on their journey to a whole-food plant based diet...