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validate idea

  1. BlackLands

    Evaluating Your Business Idea: A Series of Crucial Questions to Ask Yourself

    Hi guys, these days I have invested time in creating a list of questions that I will need to validate each business idea before investing time and money in it. These questions were partly taken from here, partly from books and conversations with different experts in the field. I would like to...
  2. D

    Soft proof

    Hy guys I have a little problem with the validation of my idea. I want to create a website where I compare the prices of some products in a particular industry. The Google Keyword Planner tool shows that there is a market for my product. There are between 10 - 100 thousand searches per month. I...
  3. JasperDeMuynck

    Please help me with my positioning! [Unique opportunity in return]

    Hi Fastlaners! I need help with my tagline. I wrote down 3 options: Helping ambitious entrepreneurs perform at their absolute best so they can effectively scale their business without sacrificing their personal life; Helping ambitious entrepreneurs maximize their performance and their...
  4. Taktik

    Do I need to test a business idea when I add value skews to an existing product?

    Hello, I am currently building a functional food and supplement company. I am trying to do that via value skewing (like MJ mentioned in a video on his YouTube channel). So I am taking an existing product and I try to create as many positive value skews as possible to win the value competition...