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  1. M

    Help! I'd like to start a streetwear brand.

    Hello everyone! Hopefully my title got your attention. I'm starting a designer streetwear clothing brand. I planning to launch Season 1 in March of 2018. However, there are two very important things I need. I am in need of an online/downloadable design software to be able to have the designer...
  2. RNoles19

    Finding manufacturers/drop shipping partners for your product

    Hi guys.... Quick question. Relatively new to the forum. Still trying to find my way. What are the best resources for finding someone to drop ship a physical product? Say you want to sell beer pong tables or custom dog beds (just as random examples), how would you go about finding someone that...
  3. Spicymemer45

    E-Commerce (T-Shirt) Spotify Startup: Beginner

    Hey lads! Hope everyone is well! I have started my E-Commerce T-Shirt store with Shopify as my front and Printful as a dropshipper For the tactics I am using in the grand strategy I would love feedback Entry (Attracting the customer) I want my ads to not be about making a sale right then...

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