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  1. ToySoldier

    INTRO I messaged MJ almost 10 years ago to the day. Consider this my long overdue introduction.

    I stumbled upon TMF back in the summer of 2011 when I was sixteen years old. Image attached. In the past ten years I graduated with a marketing degree from a college here in Canada, and ended up as a growth marketer for Canada's biggest tech company. I love my job. I spend my 9-5 working...
  2. Mr.Business

    MEETUPS Toronto [GTA] Meetup

    Hello everyone, I am wondering if any Fastlaners' reside in Toronto or GTA and are willing to network? @The-J @AlexVilch @Peacefulgoldfish @Azure @TheProcess @Silverhawk851
  3. M

    INTRO 21-year-old uni grad - frozen & stuck because I fear failure

    OK, here it goes. I know I was supposed to do this 3 1/2 years ago, but better late than never. I’m a university grad, born, raised, and schooled in the hellhole known as Toronto. I majored in finance at a business school, & got a job as an accounting clerk shortly after graduation. During the...
  4. AndreiR

    My first paying website - 19 and hungry

    The moment I saw those couple hundred e-transferred into my account I was ecstatic. Web design was no longer just a hobby. I want to mention the most important thing I've found in getting business when you're starting out in this post. But first, let me mention my backstory. Grew up around...
  5. A

    INTRO Hello all, Amar Sahota from Toronto

    I am currently an engineering student at Ryerson University in Toronto. I love building stuff. I am also an entrepreneur. I am working on a Headphone start-up. I also trade options on the stock market. I am also the Author of Trip to the Infinite - The Ayahuasca Experience and love to write and...
  6. G


    I was wondering if there are any Canadian entrepreneurs on here with online businesses and how they've dealt with the hurdles. I'm from Edmonton, Alberta ( Trade central/Oil capital of Canada). Would love to hear everyones experiences.!!
  7. ToySoldier

    Students don't have to Choose the Slowlane- A Plea to My College

    The average salary of a marketing manager is $78,141 Canadian dollars before tax. This salary represents “success” to most of my classmates. This salary is achievable through years of climbing the corporate ladder. This salary is reserved for graduates who have dedicated the entirety of their...

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