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  1. Belhaj.B

    Why does nothing work? Is it because of living in 3rd world country?

    I'm 21 yo living in 3rd world country, underpaid $2/day, and working in aluminum carpentry (it's the only place that I can work from 9-5, so I can do something the rest of the day), I learned coding and basics of web development, I haven't made something yet, just watching YT coding videos and...
  2. Red ant

    What next to do

    I have finish reading the millionaire fast lane , and I wished to continue on my fast lane journey. I want to learn web development but I'm a dummy in tech where should I start I'm lost. I wish you guys teach me how to learn cos I know it's a very critical point ,if you don't know how to learn...
  3. Ivan Koretskyy

    Currently at the lowest point of my entrepreneurial life…

    Here to vent to the forum, just going to be vulnerable here. Idc if my grammar is trash. It’s been 1 year and 1 month since I started my entrepreneurial business, building a system that will automate for me when I do get people to use my product and I heavily invested 80% of my journey doing...
  4. MitchM

    A complete rollercoaster: Lessons I learned from raising over $350,000 through crowdfunding and launching on Amazon (today!)

    Hey guys! This past year has been absolutely crazy, but I’m so excited to announce that EVO Gym is launching today on Amazon. I wanted to make this post as a bit of a summary of the big ups and downs of the past year, and what I’ve learned from them. I hope you can take something from it too...