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story new user

  1. FastSamMoney

    I made it quick enough! (i think)

    @MJ DeMarco and @everyone else This is a quick post about who I am and who I want to become. Its wouldn't be surprising to know that I'm here to grow "free" and rich. I always used to dream of working my way up to millions, until, that is, I saw for how it all actually works. People study the...
  2. m0ntilla21

    From scripted scarcity mindset to 250k/y fastlane business in 5 years. This is how I did it (and the shortcut, so you can do it in months)

    Hello everyone, here @m0ntilla21, from Malaga (Spain). It's interesting. I first met MJ Demarco by reading "The Millionaire Fastlane" in 2018. I still remember the tremendous impact the book had on me in terms of mindset. At that time, I even joined this forum for a few days... but I didn't...
  3. ambitio

    The Climb to Success: A Story of a Confused Young Guy Who Tries to Become an Entrepreneur.

    Hello everyone, in this thread I will document my process. As of right now I have absolutely no experience in business & entrepreneur things. My current goal looks like this: Find a need I can fulfill, then scale the idea and sell it to 50 people. A simple two step process.(I hope so...) I...
  4. geronalb

    From Gaming Addict To My First Ever Entrepreneurial Success -- My Story So Far

    Greetings and salutations to you, my friend. Blessed be your day. Humor me, if only for a moment. It is my duty to make this tale worthwhile. While my story is yet to portray grandeur, no hero was born a legend. It is my mission to turn this around. And it is also my mission to share my...

    My Brief History on How I met Mj.

    ( my genuine language is Portuguese. No translator was used in this text. Therefore, some mistakes may be found. Sorry) Hi to everyone! I’m very new to the forum, and seriously don’t know the rules- to say the true, i don’t even know if I’m introducing myself in the right menu. Forgive for any...
  6. hjortshoej

    18, Student - Introduction

    Thank you for the books @MJ DeMarco - they've changed my life and future trajectory for the better. Thank you for letting me be a part of this community. I'm 18 years old, living in Denmark (born & raised). Currently attending the US equivalent of college I believe. My goals are to move away...
  7. Lucifer

    Wantrepeneur says hello

    Hello everyone on the fastlane forum, This is going to be my story, telling (broad-line) details about myself, so a lot (especially the first part) is going to be in the "I" form, as it is the way I experienced it. It includes the events that lead to my way here on the forum, not the entire...
  8. poepe

    New User Poepe

    Hello Everyone, My name is Damy but i would like to be called Poepe. I am a 28 yrs old male from Nigeria. Presently a member of the slowlane ( not for long i am sure) working 7-7 monday to friday as a customer service officer for a bank. I have always had the dream and conviction of being a...

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