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  1. Andy Black

    Storytelling (Chat Thread)

    Telling stories is something we could all do with getting better at, not just as business owners, but also as parents and even chatting to friends and family. List of podcasts, books, YouTube channels, blogs, people to follow, etc: Let me know and I'll update this opening post. Forum...
  2. jpanarra

    Storytelling as an Entrepreneur

    Hey all, JP here.. I got a Story for you Once upon a time, there was a boy that was born without the ability to hear. His name was Jason, Jason was always an intelligent child but he had teachers, doctors, and other parents tell him he would not be able to go to college. Jason worked hard...
  3. ApeRunner

    Cancun Meetup and Vacation

    I want to know how many people would be interested in attending a meetup in Cancun, Mexico. My idea is to have the meetup in a boardroom in a business hotel. You are free to stay at the hotel of your liking in Cancun. Options are plenty. I am willing to be the host/organizer. Nothing big. Just...
  4. Victor Cezar

    Stories about success to remember how awesome you are.

    Hey guys, I want to make this space for you share all your important (or not so important) stories of success. Don’t need to be linked to entrepreneurship, can be anything that you can be proud of. List all of them and when you get a bad day that you cannot feel so much confidence in yourself...

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