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social network

  1. MaxT

    A simple tip for boost your productivity

    Hi friends, @Vinz had share a good Chrome extension on in the conversation where we talk about everything and nothing. I thought that making this post and would be useful for many people. Anyway, the extension simply allows you to hide the content of social networks on the homepage and replace...
  2. Asap_Luca

    Idea for a new social network

    Hello there, I’m new but I’m trying to don’t waste my time, I searched in other threads of social media but I don’t have seen something like this. However it’s a pair of weeks that I’ve been think about a new social network in which there is not follower or likes, but there’s like an union from...
  3. journeyfoxx

    After a year of development I just launched a new social network. What’s the best way to get early users?

    After reading The Millionaire Fastlane, MJ says social networks are one example of a fastlane business. So I went ahead and built my own social network — a Q&A community for travelers and expats with the same name as my username here. We just launched after a year in development, so it would...
  4. Alex Paul

    The Next Instagram – Social Network For Stories

    Hi Fast Laners! I recently had an idea. We all have stories to tell, right. We tell stories in our social circle, to our friends, they tell us something back, we laugh or awe at it and feel awesome. Storytelling is interesting for both a teller and a listener, and has long been a common...
  5. M

    After reading Unscripted...

    Hello everyone. My name is Michael and I was led here after reading Unscripted. I just finished college with a background in marketing and will be starting my job as strategist for a small startup in Korea. The company I work for has a dating app called Glam and we are trying to go global. The...