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social media strategy

  1. rdan

    Launching SMMarketing into Overdrive? (I'm new to it.)

    Hey, hope you're having a wonderful day! From @Lex DeVille 's thread about making $2k in a month in mid December, a big mindset shift on task priorization happened. I finally took meaningful action, learning new skills and connect them with existing skills to create a working system...
  2. Ronnie Bryan

    Social Media Examiner Social Group worthy investment or rabbit hole?

    Hello Forum, Yesterday I got a email from the social media examiner to join their higher learning ~be informed about social media happenings~ over 130+videos to learn platforms ~Plus 24/7 hour live support through a Facebook Group . (I am assuming that is what they meant) annual membership $797...
  3. Anandb

    Thoughts on "Crushing It" - Gary Vaynerchuk (2018)?

    Has anyone read/gone through the audiobook and its business and social media marketing principles? (the book also seems very much focused on personal branding) What do you folks think about it?
  4. Kepler

    So here's my plan, can you pick it apart?

    Good Morning/Evening/Afternoon ya'll. I have been researching ways to find a target audience on Facebook ads to market to. Below is what I have come away with as my plan. Please pick it apart, I want to know its pitfalls so I can come away with a more solid plan of action. Thanks for your time...
  5. Dan Willis

    Is your content marketing strategy converting?

    Is your content marketing strategy booming? If not this simple shift could make a huge difference!